Kiss & Tell – Selena Gomez

Hey Hey When you walk, you don’t leave tracks When you talk, they don’t talk back Believing every word you say But they don’t know, they don’t don’t know

Sick Of You – Selena Gomez

Not when it comes to you Open up for the first time And you can bet that it’s the last time And I’m cool with laying low It’s Saturday

Crush – Selena Gomez

It wasn’t gonna end okay You’re such a troublemaker But I like it just that way A bomb tick tickin’ With neither one of us to blame Just like

Whiplash – Selena Gomez

A baby moonlight Hits the spotlight I’m on my flight To take you away I’m feeling so free You’re makin me crazy That’s what you do That’s what you

Rock God (feat. Katy Perry) – Selena Gomez

Preacher man walked into the club and he said He said, hey girl can’t you walk a mile straight? Father I’m torn and I’m selling my soul to the

More – Selena Gomez

(I want more, want more, want more) Yeah (I want more, want more) Friday night and We’re just talkin’ Stars are crashin’ in the sky Burnin’ just for

As A Blonde – Selena Gomez

Trying to find A new reflection Wanna take the road Let’s travel down A different direction Make some new mistakes Forget the ones I’ve made Cry some tears of

Summer’s Not Hot – Selena Gomez

The heat is blazing like the 4th of July I got the air con’ on and it’s blasting on high So just grab something cool and jump in your

Who Says – Selena Gomez

You made my insecure to me I wasn’t good enough. But who are you to judge when you’re diamond in the rough. I am sure you got some things.

I Don’t Miss You At All – Selena Gomez

When I think of you And all the things we’ll Never get to do I don’t dream at night about the way we were I tore out the pictures,

Naturally – Selena Gomez

It’s all your own and I can tell It comes naturally, it comes naturally You follow what you feel inside It’s intuitive, you don’t have to try It comes

I Promise You – Selena Gomez

It’s something true that we do Just something natural that I feel When you walk in the room, when you’re near I feel my heart skip a beat The

Dices – Selena Gomez

Por ti me olvide de quien yo era en realidad Contigo me quede, como un diamante sin brillar No quiero ser así, espejo de tu vanidad Prefiero ser de

Live Like There’s No Tomorrow – Selena Gomez

If we could turn it back what would we want to change? but now’s the time to take a chance C’mon, we got to make a stand What if

Spotlight – Selena Gomez

Something ain’t going your way Jeans too tight and your hair ain’t right We all get some of those days Oh, throw that mirror away Oh, you know it’s

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know – Selena Gomez

It’s so hard to break it, There’s no way to fake it. Everybody tells me that it’s wrong what I’m feelin’, I shouldn’t believe in, The dreams that i’m

I Got U – Selena Gomez

Yea, I found you oooooooo I chose the whys and the whens all the random places Yea, I chose you oooooooo I let you see me, let you believe

Stop And Erase – Selena Gomez

You put me down, it builds you up, You’re kicking me around, You just can’t get enough And all your friends surround you, And without them by your side,

Off The Chain – Selena Gomez

When I’m with you baby, bliss is (I want you) All I’ve come to know (come to me) Running, I didn’t see you coming Blinded, you’re so stunning I

Intuition (feat. Eric Bellinger) – Selena Gomez

Yesterday tears were in my eyes, whoa whoa Was a bad day, yeah I’ve been there before but I keep my head up so I don’t have those anymore,