When The Moment Of Death Arrives – Sentenced

Wasted years left behind as an old man nears to death Praying his lord to forgive him for the sins he never committed The fear of dying – the

Beyond The Wall Of Sleep – Sentenced

Fade into a dream… Deep into a dormant pseudo-life Drown into night… Pass through the gate of sleep I see faded colours… I see a landscape so calm… To

Grave Sweet Grave – Sentenced

I have seen my funeral in a thousand dreams Its beauty’ Now the night descends and drowns me in this dream once again’ No stars tonight’ they all have

Home In Despair – Sentenced

Again the sky has fallen down on me Once more a world has crumbled down and over me And yet in some twisted way I enjoy my misery And

With Bitterness And Joy – Sentenced

It has now spread itself all over inside me all the way to the brain and down to my knees My time comes closer with each day it lets

One More Day – Sentenced

It feels that your love for me is slowly turning to dust It seems that our union made of iron is starting to rust I hate life I hate

Forever Lost – Sentenced

“EVERYMAN, I will go with thee and be thy guide in thy most need to go by thy side” (grave – home of the brave?) fire…dance with me for

Shadegrown – Sentenced

I have dwelled in the dark so long that I have become the night Here only the chilling Northwind can give warmth to my life There comes the morning

The Suicider – Sentenced

“‘.I am the light that shall lead you to darkness'” Well, here I am, I’m back again From the Deadlands I descend’ back from the dead, back from The

Drown Together – Sentenced

Take this love, my dear, and cherish it in your heart You shall have no fear’ Nothing could tear us apart Accept this love sincere, from the bottom of

My Slowing Heart – Sentenced

I gave and gave – gave all I had I took and took – all I could grab I had it all and I had none Now the game

Dead Leaves – Sentenced

Yes, autumn’s here again’ to put all forms of life to an end -Death has taken over and slowly fades the light away The deadly shadows fall’ and the

Crumbling Down (Give Up Hope) – Sentenced

Like roses wither so does hope as we approach our final fate A new dawn of man? Oh no, can’t you feel, the End is on its way… It’s

The River – Sentenced

Yet another morning that feels like this Yet another life’s bitter kiss It has been like this for… I don’t know how long I only know that at some

Love And Death – Sentenced

I am in shape for the game, but for life?… no more. I have come here to end my life and I will do it with this rusty knife.

The War Ain’t Over – Sentenced

…hear the sounds of Thunder feel it come in all its pride. – and it’s all yours! this tension, this pressure… sweat and feel the air too thick to

Noose – Sentenced

No way out of your misery Alone in pain and agony Lay depressed and hollow One thought in your mind -No Tomorrow And then you had made up your

Killing Me Killing You – Sentenced

Baby, have you seen, there is a snake in our paradise A serpent that’s wriggling between us and freezing our feelings to ice And with each drop of blood

No More Beating As One – Sentenced

She was no longer precious to me… I guess my hate grew much stronger than my love for her ever did (I was) so tired of chasing that person

Northern Lights – Sentenced

At the dawn… The golden moon was shining bright With the silvery eyes of death They had seen me salute the flames in the sky …Northern lights… …Northern lights…