Temple Of The Lost Race – Septic Flesh

Preserved from the ancient years when Earth was just a newborn star The proof of a distant truth arrogantly stands mocking the wind guarding mysteries that man has not

Setting Of The Two Suns – Septic Flesh

In a world of endless light, into the boundless space two suns the only gods, two burning holes in the sky. SOLO:CHRIS Without a warning the two suns slowly

Shamanic Rite – Septic Flesh

Scanning down the hill of an indian scared site I can see a figure with hair white like the snow The polar crystal breath. Gyrating around the pyre like

Science – Septic Flesh

In a battle to determine what is possible and what is not. One solution, for our delusions. It is so hard to see beyond the small things that we

The Future Belong To The Brave – Septic Flesh

Change was and will be the most permanent element of experience deny to go on and you will be left back Going backwards by remaining stagnant We watch from

Rain – Septic Flesh

covering the distance that was called into being between us, from the unexploited accumulation of different moments This gift is my inheritance and I honour it by continuing my

Geometry In Static – Septic Flesh

Letters join numbers Sounds come forth manifesting the plasticity. This is the direct outcome of the continuous war The collision of the worlds of change and stability One would

The Eldest Cosmonaut – Septic Flesh

SHINE…… In the mines of the darkest star. The one no jewel can never shine. A rode is left to point to Styx, both its end can lead, both

Underworld (Act 1) – Septic Flesh

Tranquility…How necessary, how boring it can be. The liquid void has no ears to receive the consolation of the surface. AN IGNORANT: “MAYBE IT’S BETTER THAT WAY. WHAT DOESN’T

Telescope – Septic Flesh

a lens is gathering distant fingerprints, of flying objects that swim in ultraviolet like dazzling clandestine submarines. We wear the pearly necklace of the Milky Way. We chase the

On The Topmost Step Of The Earth – Septic Flesh

A fallen angel is someone not aware of his authentic identity Because the fall occured nowhere except on the inner plains And the broken wing was nothing but the

Mystic Places Of Dawn – Septic Flesh

but their shining was so bright that it was caught forever in the spectre of time. What was a fact became a legend what was reality became a faded

Ezoptpon – Septic Flesh

Absorbed from the swirl of the chaotic ego Naked from the warm familiar company of matter Here desires and fears are shaped, uncontrolled multiplied in the rhythm of ecstasy

Dictatorship Of The Mediocre – Septic Flesh

There are so many more like you. You are the power of numbers, but it isn’t in your hands. Are you sure you can make a real change? Small

Brotherhood Of The Fallen Knights – Septic Flesh

When alliance has the value of a broken royal seal, heroic is the denial to bent to a flamboyant mighty siege. Falcons are their arrows like a forest seem

Phallic Litanies – Septic Flesh

Where the mind surrenders to the animal. Smell the seductive odor of the naked skin Bathed in the exotic oils, the potions of desire. It would be folly to

Android – Septic Flesh

A trusty pleasant face on your possession. My brothers were so cold without intentions. They were so boring with their luck of desire. I am User friendly. I am

Little Music Box – Septic Flesh

I found a dusty object it had a special gift. From its opened top a sound came out, a phantom from the past. Sacred nights I felt like heaven,

Nephilim Sons – Septic Flesh

spheres of light fell down, a rain of mystic fire from the skies. Thirsty angels smelled the warmth of life into this earth. Bathed with stardust, in greatness They

Last Stop To Nowhere – Septic Flesh

A passenger is in wait. He has a ticket for the last train. The trip is not so long. A dance on the edge of a bridge that was