Dead Embryonic Cells (Original Mix) – Sepultura

Land Of Anger I Didn’t Ask To Be Born Sadnes, Sorrow Everything So Alone Laboratory Sickness Infects Humanity No Hope For Cure Die By Technology A World Full Of

Biotech Is Godzilla – Sepultura

Street people kidnapped Hid from view “to save the earth” Our rules met Some had other Secret plans No… no… no… no… Biotech Biotech Biotech Biotech Say what? Strip-mine

Septic Shizo – Sepultura

I scream, so I can run away What I see in front of me Is only the reflection of my insanity Throwing me to the present Alone almost in

C. I. U. (Criminals In Uniform) – Sepultura

Create Fictitious Enemy Outlaw Of Expression Forget Past Wars We Have Fought Watchers Of Morality Told By The Hierarchy Machine To Society Falling To Conformity Terrified To Speak Your

Orgasmatron – Sepultura

the oustreched grasping hand my image is of agony my servants rape the land obsequious and arrogance clandestine and pain two thousend years of misery of torture in my

Mine – Sepultura

mine mine (stretched out) mine (stretched out) all the years all the nerve it’s the least I deserve a paper prison with thin white walls brown upholstery amour all

One Man Army – Sepultura

Your Green Is For Money My Green Is For Land Shut Off My Eyes Clog Up My Ears Cut Off My Tongue You’ll Still Hear Me Coming My Blood

Rumors – Sepultura

Loss for words – you lost respect Food for thoughts – you’re just a fool Mind of the weak, nonsense says The rumors will never die The rumors are

From The Past Comes The Storms – Sepultura

You feel a pain that burns your flesh You reflection inside the mirror Shows a past soiled by the blood of innocents The human greed will be their own

Straighthate – Sepultura

I ask myself why I’m so hateful Maybe it’s part of my nature People say I’m fuck it in my mind Feels like this nothing left inside Walking now

Dead Embryonic Cells – Sepultura

I didn’t ask to be born Sadness, sorrow Everything so alone Laboratory sickness Infects humanity No hope for cure Die by technology A world full of shit coming down

Inhuman Nature – Sepultura

Poisoned Hearts, Poisoned Minds Join In Hate We’re Like Machines Dead, Do Not Create Sitting Docile While All around is Rot We Point Fingers But Destruction Never Stops Can

Tribe To A Nation – Sepultura

So Inna Direct Communification Heal Your Wounds In Dysya Bloody Dimension Because The End Could Be A Violent Solution Words Are Not Dead Create Revolution We Haffe Grow… Nation

Uma Cura – Sepultura

Talking Mouth To Mouth To Find Our Own Mouth While We Step, Unsafe Ground While Rejecting Knowledge Blaming Fear In Faith To Weaken Our Own Fate Starring Eye To

Cut-Throat – Sepultura

Telling lies right into your face Grab your soul and make a disgrace Make you believe you’re bigger than life No one cares if you live or die Waiting

Boycott – Sepultura

Urban war, cracked-up child Painted in blood on concrete walls Carbonic gas, cancer land What do I care? What do I care? Is he prepared? Can he face that?

Escape To The Void – Sepultura

Through the dirty streets of blood It begins to eat inside us, decaying our bones How will we escape if the void covers our lungs? We are buried in

Biotech Is Godzilla (live) – Sepultura

Street people kidnapped Hid from view “To save the earth” Our rulers met Some had other Secret plans No… No… No… No… Biotech Biotech Biotech Say what? Strip-mine the

Dusted – Sepultura

You make me mute Handing the truth Revealing a farse Created by your mind What do you expect Expoxing your lies Printed in your eyes There’s no alibi To

Meaningless Movements – Sepultura

Born with remorse To a cold barren place Battle between minds Hungry for words of prey Contradictory truth Secrets in lies Meaningless movements Icons review their sins Faith cheaper