Diabolus Enim – Setherial

Infernal presence; Lucifer watches through the fires Nightwandering demons rejoice in the dunnest shadows A cold eternity of silence; Satan reign Hear me, powers of the night; dwellers of

The Aeschma Deava – Setherial

Demonic spectres; chilling winds rise from the netherworld. Anthems of damnation, whispers through the air. Omniscient demons, obsessed by the force of the fallen one… Satan, demon; Horned king

Summon The Lord With Horns – Setherial

Lightning cracks the red sky; shadows by the moon Summon the lord with horns With the voices of countless souls Thou shalt slay the earth Oh, lord of the

Enthroned In Dusk And Shadows – Setherial

My couldron high towards the stars, hear my hail Enthroned in dusk and shadows; I hail thee lord of all Supreme I roar in hatred, evoking demon’s spawn Unholy

Morkrets Tid – Setherial

дnnu strдcker ut sina vid strдckta armar lдngs med berg ochmed flod Sargad mot dцden jag nu gеr fram Mцrker; nu tog mig mot Natt tдcker min kropp, smдrtan

Through Sombre Times – Setherial

Since the birth of time And thine breath have always guided The blackened souls of all existance Thou who dwell beyond the boundaries of life Moving amongst the shades

Towards Thy Realm – Setherial

And drink in the honour of my master of the deep. I kneel before the black altar of Satan and sign of the Baphomet. And command the dark forces

Fur Dem Mitt Blod – Setherial

Dдr det дr mцrkt; jag gеr I en natt sе kall Jag vдntar pе ert kall Tag mitt liv pе jorden; lеt mig med er gе Splittra skyarna och

Guardians Of The Gates Of Flame – Setherial

The one who walks; beyond the world. The one who is solitary; beyond solitute. Rise. Heights of darkness, limitless spaces of night. Ever-seeing, ever powerful… Ever hearing one. Rise

I Nattens Famn – Setherial

blind, kall och rе dдr jag stеr I skog i mцrker sдnkt i natten famn pе jord frеn himmel vдktare trдd fram Stеl nu i kцtt kom och skдr

Into Everlasting Fire – Setherial

Rays of the moonlight weeps over an infinity… …Of these mighty mountains and forests Within this mighty landscape Mournful whispers of melancholy echoes From a sombre cavern A maze

Shadows Of The Throne – Setherial

The seventh gate is open, and the weak god is dead. The rise of the ancient dragon, from the darkest depths. The seventh gate is open, and Satan rules

In The Still Of A Northern Fullmoon – Setherial

All sences set to mind as moonlight lits the snow At one with the night of nocturnal existence the stars; my as hate inside me grows I’ve walked the

The Sign Of Wrath Awake – Setherial

and rivers filled with tears from grim tortuer acts; That dwells within the cold dungeon chambers. The agony of damned souls frozen the dim night. What can better than

The Nightwinds – Setherial

A somber field arises. In blackened night, my body is possessed. The earth; aflame for Satan. Firestorm; over empires forlorn. Darkness calls, the demons rejoice. Through the nightwinds… Satan;

Hell Eternal – Setherial

Damnation reigns, only the silence remains. Hell brought forth over the endless horizon, demons crawl eternally beyond my flesh. Night; my dark delight. Entranced by thoughts of tragedies. A

Satan’s Realm – Setherial

Surrounded by a pale and cold radiance Eyes so morbidly and brilliant Unchained is the devil of Ira Arriving to the throne buildt in coldest blackstone Towering above a

Over Det Blodtockta Nord – Setherial

Nattens stillhet; i mцrker vi skrider fram Avskyn ledervеr trupp mot sin lеga Hatets styrka; i tystnad vi gе mot kamp Цver berg genom skogar Blodad jord tдcker nordens

Shades Over Universe – Setherial

Flaming fires cast it’s shades over universe Through the firestorms, flashing lightning glows Heaven’s end; he descends as the light grows dim I am the unearthly shadow The one