Lame – Seven Mary Three

And he comes to every party… he stands alone Viewing them the rest, the corner of his glance It gets so clear, he’s not judging… anyone The way his

My My – Seven Mary Three

Crashes on her floor Cuts what she can’t untie Ties it to a door And if mercy was a cattle call She didn’t hear She didn’t want to play

Devil Boy – Seven Mary Three

Right through Christmas just the same The priest came up to me all up in arms He said: “Devil boy, what have you done?” Hey devil boy We’re gonna

Margeret – Seven Mary Three

Before she knew my name she was in my bed She was only… sweet sixteen 20,000 days younger than me “Marry me” she said I don’t reply “Daddy said

Headstrong – Seven Mary Three

Headstrong unwilling to listen to anyone at all Keeps her head above the water Keeps her head upon her shoulders I know, I know, I know she has heard

Cumbersome – Seven Mary Three

I guess the stones are coming too fast for her now You know I’d like to believe this nervousness will pass All the stones that are thrown are building

Water’s Edge – Seven Mary Three

“You can’t stomach what you’re going to see” It’s down there, by the water’s edge Wasted and bloated and waiting for someone else Funny how, these things come about

Roderigo – Seven Mary Three

“I think I’ll call him Roderigo” Dress him up in darker clothes, sell him away Standing underneath her gun “Sit up straight or I’ll hurt you” You know he’s

Anything – Seven Mary Three

Impossible to hear what you say to me at night Can I have some covers back? It’s so cold On the wrong side of the bed Are you awake,