Waffle – Sevendust

Can’t scratch the surface now A slow pay still Why’s everyone watching? It’s like I’m real tired of the clones I’m real tired of the clones Whatever you say

Reconnect – Sevendust

(Slave me!) Embrace me I try so hard to stay clear (Repay me!) Embrace me Slave (save me) Save (forgive me) Slave me (confuse me) So glad the history

Licking Cream – Sevendust

In joyous Hell Between the lines Lick cream that smells Chorus: I wish you weren’t so beautiful in my eyes (Crawling down your spine to make you stay) I

Rumble Fish – Sevendust

Something for some reason Takes me from you again Time nor season (season) Burnin’ for a reason Killin’ myself with guilt Gave nothin’ – taking all How my life

Feel So – Sevendust

I feel I’m dying I persist I persist I think I’m hiding I’ve lost my soul I feel so… Are you ashamed Of what you’ve become You call my

Grasp – Sevendust

Pitiful you go away I think it’s my time to reconsider In suspense you’ll stay I think my mind is slippin’ Know I’m trippin’ Feels like I’m losing myself

Home – Sevendust

Insecure – all the time Once loved – now paralyzed I once thought I’ll never die Frustrated – our simple life No one listens – everyone lies Who said,