Holidays In The Sun – Sex Pistols

A cheap holiday in other people’s misery I don’t wanna holiday in the sun I wanna go to the new Belsen I wanna see some history ’cause now t

Liar! – Sex Pistols

Lie lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie lie tell me why tell me why Why d’you have to lie should’ve realised that you should’ve told the

Problems – Sex Pistols

Too many problems oh why am I here I don’t need to be me ‘cos you’re all too clear well and I can see there’s something wrong with you

Anarchy In The U. K. – Sex Pistols

Right! now ha, ha I am an anti-Christ I am an anarchist, don’t know what I want but I know how to get it. I wanna destroy the passer

Submission – Sex Pistols

I’m on a submarine mission for you baby I feel the way you were going I picked you up on my TV screen I feel your undercurrent flowing Submission

God Save The Queen – Sex Pistols

God save the Queen the fascist regime, they made you a moron a potential H-bomb. God save the Queen she ain’t no human being. There is no future in

No Feelings – Sex Pistols

I’ve seen you iin the mirror when the story began And I fell in love with you. I love yer mortal sin yer brains are locked away but I

Bodies – Sex Pistols

She was a girl from Birmingham she just had an abortion she was a case of insanity her name was Pauline she lived in a tree She was a