Second Chances – Shades Apart

from far away I recognize – her silhouette with someone else the temperature outside – thaws me and frees up the memory of everything so far behind Second Chances

Know It All – Shades Apart

When you’re walking down the street Stepping through the air so non-chalant You try so hard to flaunt – the sight is such a comedy I know it doesn’t

Stranger By The Day – Shades Apart

Sun was shining in my eyes again last night Alarm goes off without a sound – the silence is so loud – something isn’t right Footsteps echo down the

Remember When – Shades Apart

Problems you can’t understand but still you have to fight It makes me proud inside to see you try so hard It hurts to watch your struggle I can’t

One Hundred Days – Shades Apart

a drifter in no-man’s land following someone else’s caravan I roam like a nomad since I left soaking in solitude I can go without water but not without you

Dark Days – Shades Apart

But from here on its not gonna last The days are getting longer and I’ll have my time Tomorrow is not far away From where I stand all alone

Valentine – Shades Apart

she’s seen too many movies killing enough rainy days with nothing else to do we’ll make our escape like the end of Casablanca taking off from a dark runway

Chasing Daydreams – Shades Apart

While the world is fast asleep I stare into the unknown I will have no fear as long as you’re with me I will catch your fall – I’ll

Speed Of Light – Shades Apart

Twilight calling – does it have to end Can we always be – stay forever running wild and free Moon descending – tide comes in again Never-ending – take

Time Machine – Shades Apart

In seconds you’re here – at the speed of sound Skating a scratch on the vinyl – My heart is skipping a beat I’m hooked again – following the

Gabrielle – Shades Apart

though I could tell – the trouble she’d spell – I fell for Gabrielle she said “;I can’t stay long – there’s somewhere else I belong”; (but) I made