Love Me Like That – Shannon Curfman

If you could hear me call your name Would the changing tides Ever turn you away? At the top of the mountain At the end of the day Would

Real Bad Feeling – Shannon Curfman

I got a real bad feeling about you baby When I seen the way you walked across the room I knew right from the start You were born to

True Friends – Shannon Curfman

Lookin’ for trouble Trouble will find you it’s a matter of time That’s when you’re gonna need someone behind you A true friend isn’t easy to find You’re gonna

Never Enough – Shannon Curfman

As they walk down the street Smiling and looking so free As I stand on the corner With a tear in my eye Wondering how it would be If

Musta Been Love – Shannon Curfman

I seen love on the TV screen People cheatin’ and treatin’ each other mean I never knew what they were cryin’ about Until you took my heart and ripped

The Weight – Shannon Curfman

I was feelin’ about half past dead I just need some place Where I can lay my head “;Hey, mister, can you tell me Where a girl might find

That’s How It Feels – Shannon Curfman

Sitting on a fence Watching the world go by Staring out at the promised land Just on the other side I can’t fall back There’s nothing left for me

If You Change Your Mind – Shannon Curfman

I can taste you on my lips I can still hear the echo of our last goodbye You’re the love I can’t forget I see you everywhere I turn

No Riders – Shannon Curfman

Trying to get back home Waiting by the station Barefoot on the stones Seven years from Ponchatoula Not one penny in my hand Please mister help me I come

I Don’t Make Promises (I Can’t Break) – Shannon Curfman

Love ain’t worth the tears sometimes There’s nothing left in this heart of mine I’ve stayed with you but I don’t know why After all you’ve put me through

Playing With Fire – Shannon Curfman

They say he sold his soul Hell-bent on being King of Blues Deal with the Devil But I swear there’s an angel in there Gotta give credit Where credit’s

I Don’t Make Promises – Shannon Curfman

There’s nothing left in this heart of mine I’ve stayed with you but I don’t know why After all you’ve put me through How can you lie when you

Hard To Make A Stand – Shannon Curfman

Old James Dean Monroe Hands out flowers at the Shop-n-Go Hopes for money But all he gets is fear And the wind blows up his coat And this he

I’m Coming Home – Shannon Curfman

Ever since I’ve been gone Heard all about your women Women, wine and song Did you think I wouldn’t find you out? Did you think I wouldn’t know? Let’s

Few And Far Between – Shannon Curfman

Mama said I should forget you She said you were a waste of my sweet time I wish I would have listened Because now I’m sitting here wishin’ I