The Facts About Jimmy – Shawn Colvin

Jimmy is married and he lives down south His wife lives somewhere colder He sees another woman in a badlands town And she cries upon his shoulder Jimmy thinks

Object Of My Affection – Shawn Colvin

Jump into the night Gas up and downshift Cruise up the coast On the FM drift It’s a crazy world On the head of a pin Some other time

Tenderness On The Block – Shawn Colvin

Mamma where’s your pretty little girl tonight She’s tryin’ to run before she can walk That’s right She’s growing up She’s got a young man waiting She’s growing up

The Story – Shawn Colvin

Well we pounded the pavement between dotted lines But we always belonged to the fugitive kind We were never the best but we were better than this To be

Get Out Of This House – Shawn Colvin

Go jump in the lake, go ride up the hill Get out of this house It’s a house of your making, it’s a house of ill will Get out

If I Were Brave – Shawn Colvin

All the happy couples on their way to New Orleans Reminding me of when we got along They’re only renting time and space to fill up with their dreams

Trouble – Shawn Colvin

Baby let me set you down You look so troubled and I think I know Just when you think you’ve come around There you go Now I know the

Steady On – Shawn Colvin

China gets broken And it will never be the same Boats on the ocean Find their way back again I am weaving Like a drunkard Like a balloon up

The Dead Of The Night – Shawn Colvin

It is the dead of the night Oh the dead of the night I live on a dream, it came to me When I was young I brought it

You And The Mona Lisa – Shawn Colvin

Hold me down to anything Anything that you see I should walk away right now I’ll be there, so never mind I’ll be the one to fall Waiting for

Shotgun Down The Avalanche – Shawn Colvin

I’m riding shotgun down the avalanche Tumbling and falling down the avalanche So be quiet tonight the stars shine bright On this mountain of new fallen snow But I

Kill The Messenger – Shawn Colvin

Jane it sure looks like rain These Canadian plains And their windblown hair Jane the bruise colored clouds The smell of the ground In the ripening air I have

I Don’t Know Why – Shawn Colvin

I don’t know why The sky is so blue And I don’t know why I’m so in love with you But if there were no music Then I would

Monopoly – Shawn Colvin

I don’t know what else to do I would rather do anything Than write this song for you And perpetuate this thing In my head, in my living room

Set The Prairie On Fire – Shawn Colvin

Full full moon and That same sad nature I wanna cover every inch of you Like ink on paper Like the blind parade of souls Consumed by religion I

Wichita Skyline – Shawn Colvin

Down at the train they go to Independence everyday But anywhere else now seems like a million miles away And I must have been high to believe that I

Another Long One – Shawn Colvin

If losing sleep were any indication Of the loving that I’ve missed I would wrap myself around you But how likely can that be when I feel like this

Ricochet In Time – Shawn Colvin

I’ve been sleeping fair Lately I could swear I’m thinking clearer and clearer And I’ve been working hard Looking at my punch card and my mirror, my mirror But

Round Of Blues – Shawn Colvin

Here we go again Another round of blues Several miles ago I set down my angel shoes On a lost highway For a better view Now in my mind’s

Suicide Alley – Shawn Colvin

Wait for me by the banshee tree Let me be your wailing companion Pass ’em on by, don’t look ’em in the eye Suicide Alley is callin’ You thought