Anything But Down – Sheryl Crow

I bring you apples from the vine How quickly you forget I run the bath and pour the wine I bring you everything that floats into your mind But

Leaving Las Vegas – Sheryl Crow

On a gaudy neon street Not that I care at all I spent the best part of my losing streak In an Army Jeep For what I can’t recall

Shine Over Babylon – Sheryl Crow

Endless talk of losing wills Great highways in a constant melt Men and women and children all have overbuilt Buying bread and paying for none Creatures of a waning

My Favorite Mistake – Sheryl Crow

The tone of your voice was a warning That you don’t care for me anymore I made up the bed we sleep in I looked at the clock when

Members Only – Sheryl Crow

He seems to be stuck in the 80’s He wears his members only jacket Cause he thinks it turns on all the ladies And all the white folks shake

Chances Are – Sheryl Crow

Swimming through the saline I looked at you and you breathed in Well, that’s the way it’s always been It all comes down to creating time You don’t always

Lifetimes – Sheryl Crow

The spotlight’s off, the shades are down Where are your friends now, they’re ghosts in a windowpane Sometimes it’s hard to stay the same We can live lifetimes in

Sweet Rosalyn – Sheryl Crow

During a wild streak in her life She has a cheap apartment Up on Royal Street She brought home just enough To keep her on her feet She don’t

You’re An Original – Sheryl Crow

Girl you got a lot Seems you got an itch that’s scratching Lay it like it plays Play it like it lays All your Easter eggs are hatching In

Out Of Our Heads – Sheryl Crow

There’s a chain around your mind When something is holding you tightly What is real is so hard to find Losing babies to genocide Oh where’s the meaning in

Diamond Road – Sheryl Crow

Tell me every story told Give me something of your soul That I can hold onto I want to wake up to the sound of waves Crashing on a

A Change (Would Do You Good) – Sheryl Crow

Feedback baby, he’s a flipped out cat He’s a platinum canary, drinkin’ falstaff beer Mercedes rule, and a rented lear Bottom feeder insincere Prophet lo-fi pioneer Sell the house

Always On Your Side – Sheryl Crow

My yesterdays are all boxed up and neatly put away But every now and then you come to mind Cause you were always waiting to be picked to play

Am I Getting Through Part I & II – Sheryl Crow

I am strong I am able I spill milk on your table Then I crawl like a baby Just to see if you save me I am sweet I

Everyday Is A Winding Road – Sheryl Crow

He says he’s been down this road more than twice He was high on intellectualism I’ve never been there but the brochure looks nice Jump in, let’s go Lay

The Difficult Kind – Sheryl Crow

I think you were right All my angry words Will keep me up at night Through the old screen door I still hear you say Honey won’t you stop

Diamond Ring – Sheryl Crow

In our little hide away But I blew up our love nest By making one little request Diamond ring Diamond ring Don’t mean anything Diamond ring Diamond ring Should

Perfect Lie – Sheryl Crow

All inside my head Reminding me not to forget Words, words I’d never say Things along the way Their telling me that I’m the best ‘Cause your face it

Mississippi – Sheryl Crow

We walk the line Your days are numbered So are mine Time is piling up We struggle and we scrape All boxed in Nowhere to escape The city’s just

Love Is All There Is – Sheryl Crow

How my heart is broken But they don’t see When you’re lonely inside The world looks so carefree When you’re lonely inside You just can’t see Refrain: Does anybody