Performer SHYHEIM

Dear God – Shyheim

I’m workin out in this world that you made G Homicide rapes and robberies When it happens in my neighborhood police they look for me I’m the prime suspect

Can You Feel It – Shyheim

Rugged Child got the world prop nigga Can you feel it Can you feel it (Do I gotta cock my pistol?) I be notorious like that nigga Big

Jiggy Comin – Shyheim

Hello? (arabic voice) You have a collect call phone call In a New York state correctional facility Press five five to accept, or hang up to decline Verse One:

See What I See – Shyheim

I wake up to another day of life and wish I didnt Cuz my records predicted a future of Bill Clinton But I continue to do my thang to

Real Bad Boys – Shyheim

Screw on the silencers, screw on the silencers Cuz real bad boys movin’ silence Screw on the sliencers, screw on the silencers Cuz real bad boys movin’ silence Verse

Things Happen – Shyheim

“;Sup, how was your ride.”; “;It was long, but I’m aiiight.”; “;True, true.”; “;So you takin care of yourself in here?”; “;No question, I gets down for mines.”; “;Yeah

Still There – Shyheim

yo let me tell ya son this one of them gettin dick sucked type tracks im tellin you, in the closests or where check it out Verse One: What

5 Elements – Shyheim

With shorty Shy Yo.. yo.. I raise all hell when I, start to stain Crab niggaz, I recon, you recognize the grain I bring drama to your earpiece,

Life As A Shorty – Shyheim

Thug niggaz bounce to this, only thug niggaz bounce to this, word up, I wan’t no fruitcake ass? niggaz bouncing to this shit right here, word up, strictly hardcore

Shaolin Style – Shyheim

Where my Shaolin peoples at? Stapleton, the craziest, y’all know what time it is Wild wild West Now born, Killa Hill, poor to the rich man Jungle Nilz, let’s

Young Godz – Shyheim

Yo *echoes* Older cats *echoes* Yo *echoes* Whassup Rae? What’s going on Son? Whattup dude? Yeah, I ain’t see y’all cats in a long time Check it, yo Y’all

What Makes The World Go Round – Shyheim

There a toker, under the numb, scumb looker Get the gatherin, big willy, me, thug rich and booker The gun to gun, face off, street smart nigga That I’m

Shit Iz Real – Shyheim

Where all my niggaz at? We up in here, what? Word up, all my peoples Crim-criminals in the penile Where ya at? Cats sacking green Bill/Hill Clinton Chorus: It

Don’t Front/Let’s Chill – Shyheim

See it in your eyes you can’t lie you know you want me Give me a little time, Ill make you change your mind Im ready if you will