Performer SIGH

Ready For The Final War – Sigh

Disorder and chaos, let all the light disappear, Lord god, prepare for our blasphemy, The winged warriors take their black spears, Five evil lords will finaly ascend, Against the

Shingontachikawa – Sigh

the principle of all things, that rules us all the time the hidden power my lust evokes, known in ancient rhyme. turning sexual energy into the power to kill

Taste Defeat – Sigh

Mortal or immortal? It doesn’t matter to me, I’ve found the secret, I’ve found the key, Death means nothing, life means less, The key to go beyond it witch

Seed Of Eternity – Sigh

all the feelings that I have bred fade as I am dead my thoughts and my will incinerate in searing flame all the visions come back to me no

A Victory Of Dakini – Sigh

The symbol of our evil horde, soon our work will be done, Our goddess on the white fox flying in the air, Bodies of the mortal fools the evil

The Dead Sing – Sigh

it is a song of vengeance filled with hate for the fury and flame of hell is burning burning your soul, binding your fate we will take what we

Hail Horror Hail – Sigh

and the voices that compel me to hunt …to think the unthinkable… …commit the unspeakable… I wait for the dark, weapons at my side talons of demons from which

Doman Seman – Sigh

the symbol of death for you (is) the symbol of power for me nine letters, nine words, evil verse… the sigil of doman empowers me for you are the

42 49 – Sigh

I curse the devil, I curse god I deny hell, I deny heaven my curse will not be broken, ever! I will torture god in heaven if he won’t

Invitation To Die – Sigh

and at dawn we watch the shadows flee the night yet our pleasure is muted before life’s final event for we know that we face the eternal night our

The Knell – Sigh

The avatar of evil is coming out of serenity, Vioce that can’t be voice is piercing through your deafened ears, The end is near, but death is not what

Curse Of Izanagi – Sigh

as I believe in the power of izanagi forbidden knowledge I will unleash my curse will last for eternity the word is death, your own death is stalking you