Performer SILK

Meeting In My Bedroom – Silk

Silk 2 G 2,000 watts Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 1 – There’s a meeting in my bedroom So girl please don’t be late There’s a meeting in my bedroom

Ebony Eyes – Silk

Love is as love does And I choose you, I choose you Wind in your hair, sun on your skin You’re looking good girl, all over again Hey there,

Baby Check Your Friend – Silk

2,000 watts Presents Silk Check it Check your friend Layin’ it down with my man Steve Lay it down, lay it down And I don’t know what’s going on

Don’t Go – Silk

Umm, promises, promises, promises Baby, promise that you’ll never leave me Baby, promise that we’ll always be Together, forever Please don’t go 1 – Lady, promise that you’ll

The Return – Silk

But you’ve been so good, you took good care of us Sometimes you know we might give out But we won’t give up (No, no, no) Now as we

Freak Me – Silk

Til you say stop Let me play with your body baby Make you real hot Let me do all the things you want me to do Cuz tonight baby

I Can Go Deep – Silk

So tell me baby Whatchu wanna do? We got all night So baby it’s on, it’s on, it’s on, yeah Deeper, deeper baby Deeper than he’s ever gone Cuz

Please Don’t Go – Silk

Away from me Never leave Oh no Please don’t go Say you’ll love me so So I will know Baby, please don’t go If I could just explain The

I Didn’t Mean To – Silk

1 – I didn’t mean to break your heart I didn’t mean to do you wrong I didn’t mean to lie to you I didn’t mean to, I didn’t

Superstar – Silk

Twinkling like the star that you are And I’ll take it personal If you say that you can’t go Oh just wanna give you thrills you know I will

Playa Road – Silk

Yeah, whassup baby, whatchu doing? Nothing? It’s funny, I’m doing nuthin’ too And I’m bored, so why don’t we do somethin’ together Just go on and put on your

Lose Control – Silk

I really didn’t I’m so sorry I just want you to sit down for just a minute Let me talk to you Last night we had an argument You

Turn-U-Out – Silk

Hey, yeah Love you S-I-L-K 2,000 Watts, where we bring music to the future Now, all of you Silk people Listen to the record and you tell me Exactly

I’m Sorry – Silk

I know sometimes it’s hard To put our pride aside When all we should do is just say I’m sorry I’m sorry, baby All alone in my room I

Ahh – Silk

Whatchu got on? For real? Quit playin’ You know I want it right here, right? You know what I’m tryin’ to hear you say, right? You know, well check

Let’s Make Love – Silk

All the little freaky things you do Make me wanna touch you girl You make me wanna rush all into you Even though I’m hanging out Just page me

Treated Like A Lady – Silk

Lady, lady I’m checkin’ for you I’m checkin’ for you Lady, lady You should be treated like I’ve been seein’ her at the bar lately She’s been kickin’ by

Nursery Rhymes – Silk

Oh, oh, ooohhh La la la la la lullaby, baby Oh oh oh This is Silk’s nursery rhyme, baby La la la la la lullaby Well, well, oh This

Back In My Arms – Silk

ooh, oh Oh, I need you Baby, baby, I You used to say and naturally I would be saying sorry But I would never listen to you Now I’m

Hooked On You – Silk

Yeah, come on I got hooked on you, oh oh (You got me hooked, baby) 1 – There’s no living without you Got me hooked on everything you do