Na Na Na – Silkk The Shocker

Sizz Shocker Son of a oh You ready whodi; let’s go to war Na Na Na (uh-ha, uh-ha) Y’all niggas in trouble now (uh-ha,

My World, My Way – Silkk The Shocker

South, North, East, West What (huh) What (huh) What (huh) What (huh) What What you thought c’mon What y’all bout Cash and riches – something like Jags and

If I Don’t Gotta – Silkk The Shocker

Yo, P was happening dog Ah man, it’s still a dross you know, but the game then change these youngstas than made it bad, you know we all about

Let Me Hit It – Silkk The Shocker

I aint trying to come at you wrong(let me hit it) I wanna know if its cool(504 boys wanna hit it) 2 of my boys(man we) Let me hit

Thug ‘N’ Me – Silkk The Shocker

Keep your head up boo, Girl feel me, and if you love me, you gon’ love me till they kill me Girl feel me, girl feel me, I’m a

Who Can I Trust – Silkk The Shocker

(fucking organization) I thought you could be trusted (I thought you could be fucking trusted) You could have had anything (You could have had anything) How could you betray

You Know What We Bout – Silkk The Shocker

(Silkk) What up? (Master P) Tell Jigga we need 4 apples, 2 bananas and 5 oranges (Silkk) You sure? (Master P) Nigga, he know what I’m talkin ’bout (Silkk)

I’m A Soldier – Silkk The Shocker

You can tell I’m A Soldier You, you, you, you can tell I’m a soldier (4X) All I wanted to be was a soldier, bitch!! And If you ain’t

Got Em Fiendin’ – Silkk The Shocker

A little something something. Lights, camera, action. Hook: One for the G’s two to make them jump Three for the hoes tha be fiedin’ for this ghetto funk Got

Funny Guy – Silkk The Shocker

Picture me never sellin’ out cause I made it already Imagine a lil’ ghetto nigga ownin’ everything Picture me in the middle of the project and I’m worth all

It Ain’t My Fault – Silkk The Shocker

Chorus: We can’t stop now bitch!!! We can’t stop, and you can’t stop us, so bitch don’t try. We TRU soldiers, we don’t die, we don’t die,

It Ain’t My Fault 2 – Silkk The Shocker

What’s really happenin? This shit again for the 99 Silkk The Shocker, Mystikal, and Craig B It still ain’t my fuckin fault Ya heard me? Chorus

Mr. ’99 – Silkk The Shocker

Yeah that’s me, yeah that’s me, yeah that’s me Mistah! Mistah! Mistah! Call me what you want As long as you got Mr. in front Mistah, yeah I did

Haters – Silkk The Shocker

These niggas can either love us or hate us Nothin’ in between that In or out ya hear me Haters (Haters) What you ain’t heard the tank

If It Don’t Make $ – Silkk The Shocker

House wit Versace and shit but I just throw some jeans on Picked up my phone, called my niggas but they wasnt at home Shit mo like this(beep, beep)leave

I Want To Be With You – Silkk The Shocker

Hello (Hello, Hey wassup) I’m just chillin Wassup wit you (Nothin I just was callin to see what you was doing cus you know i have 2

He Did That – Silkk The Shocker

Now when I step on the set They say he did that Pull up in the six hundred stretch They say he did that Presidential wit the baggates

MR. – Silkk The Shocker

Mother fucking M – R – period MR. Master P MR. No Limit Records Cause we selling shit out the walls My nigga Silkk Ya’ll gonna call him MR.

Pop Lockin’ – Silkk The Shocker

hey yo Snoop tell Xzibit and Dre to be having that thing bumpin When I come out there That’s funky Soopafly Big Snoop Dogg {Snoop Dogg} Silkk the

We Can Dance – Silkk The Shocker

Don’t think we making ends We down to get our feet dirty Do you wanna dance Do you wanna dance Do you wanna dance (nigga) I told you niggaz