Careful In Career – Simple Minds

Take care I take care It’s a shame To go away It’s a shame to go away It’s a shame To die already Looking at you Looking in through

Stand By Love – Simple Minds

I’ve travelled round the world but they can’t cure my desire The city looks pretty tonight Hold on now let’s go till morning Get up on love and stand

In Trance As Mission – Simple Minds

I hear the holy back beat Events and casual affairs Just what is moving on And what is going on In dream a dream a Courage of dreams In

Naked Eye – Simple Minds

Come into the Naked Eye My only world falls in again I see your face fall in again It’s so dark I don’t know your name It’s so dark

Sweat In Bullet – Simple Minds

Dressability Tranquil You’ll never meet again Eyes small Take another fine walk Expose Society can gain Great face White soul Great place Then say goodbye You take a walk

Superman V Supersoul – Simple Minds

Brother slide through it Sister rise – don’t you care? Come on taste the mountain air Innocence comes to chance The mystery and spirit of romance Butterflies make you

Alive And Kicking – Simple Minds

And like the sweetest cup I’d share with you You lift me up, don’t you ever stop, I’m here with you Now it’s all or nothing ‘Cause you say

Once Upon A Time – Simple Minds

Yes you speak to me tonight And you say so, say so That once upon a time When love, love was a white dove And hope, long live hope,

Travelling Man – Simple Minds

This is the land of the brave, sad and the lonely The last ride’s Coming to me I can feel it A new life Screaming out and I can’t

Street Hassle – Simple Minds

The sexy one smiled in dismay She pulled out four twenties ‘Cause she liked round figures Everybody stayed for a day I think I’m on fire and you know

Ghostrider – Simple Minds

Like a ghost you never see Look in to the one you love if you’re afraid of me Ghettos in his eyes He plays a torch song melody Listen

If I Had Wings – Simple Minds

There’s something about this sweet refrain Reminds me that you’re not there And if I could care there’s something about this curse Like a needle inside a silken purse

This Fear Of Gods – Simple Minds

Someone singing in the shower Singing singing singing Singing shower Someone’s singing in the shower I hear a voice and hear no angel I hear a voice and hear

Life In A Day – Simple Minds

The price that you pay For time that you spent It’s such a fatal event Take a look at your watch There is no time to wait Take a

Rivers Of Ice – Simple Minds

All that I feel under the skies Shadows were falling my heart beat inside We walk through the fields to the rivers of ice Days turn to colour and

Wall Of Love – Simple Minds

When the blind man sings about the peaceful things You shout that it’s not good enough Ah we wait till daylight hours Waiting for a sign from you Golden

Biko – Simple Minds

Port Elizabeth weather fine It was business as usual In police room 619 Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko Hiromija, Hiromija The man is dead,

Seven Deadly Sins – Simple Minds

And somehow you just can’t provide the proof Ever felt you’re cast aside And sheltered from the universal truth Ever find when trouble calls you’re first in line And

Real Life – Simple Minds

Twenty eight dollars in a fake silk purse and a leather skirt to wear Shane came from Dublin town from the old world so green Counterfeit ticket in to

Glittering Prize – Simple Minds

In all of my Life so that much more I see In the Light of his Love In the Light of reflection Oh what a world Or sometimes oh