Performer SIMPLY RED

Remembering The First Time – Simply Red

remembering the first time we made love i was just recalling sitting here glad as i am with your photograph,. i hold it in my hands aching for a

The Right Thing – Simply Red

When the time is right Sexily right I’m gonna do the right thing I’m feeling hot I ain’t ever gonna stop To get what you got You better take

Fairground – Simply Red

Love the thought Driving down an endless road Taking friends or moving alone Pleasure at the fairground on the way It’s always friends that feel so good Let’s make

Jericho – Simply Red

I’ll make you a career in the business I’m in. I’ll make you rich, I’ll make you a toy, I’ll make you turn over into my little boy. Y’see

Never Never Love – Simply Red

la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la La-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la So now we’ve got our independence Ooh, what are we gonna do with it Learning to play different games Already using different

Model – Simply Red

telling yourself to be up this morning holding in your hand another mirror baby one or two lines for confidence pretty little girls climb to the top the raging

Infidelity – Simply Red

And again he’s gone and lost it Your call has been registered It’ll be returned when I get back home I’ve been out loving all night long I can’t

Suffer – Simply Red

That when it comes it won’t bring too much prolong I don’t know how hard it’ll be when I suffer Affection is a start for me, I hope it’s

Money’s Too Tight To Mention – Simply Red

My kids all need brand new shoes So I went to the bank to see what they could do They said Son looks like bad luck got a hold

Enough – Simply Red

Let’s talk it over now Talk it over now I’m wrong, you’re gone So you’re serious Really serious You’re saying I’m insane Oh that’s craziness Craziness I’m trying to

So BeautifuI – Simply Red

Noticing my daydream stimulated me more I was crumbling with anticipation You better send me home before I tumble down to the floor You’re so beautiful but oh so

Shine – Simply Red

Plagued with memories, I can’t forget us Trying to fight it, trying to hide it Rekindled flames are not recommended But it never went out boy, it never ended

Wave The Old World Goodbye – Simply Red

It’s time to say hello to the New World Praying it will be right That the world may soon see the light I’ll be waving, oh waving And I’ll

Open Up The Red Box – Simply Red

Walk in, take a look inside, I’ve moved back the tables and chairs to the wall. The valuable things I’ve had to hide. Chorus: Open up the red box.

Move On Out – Simply Red

Sure to tell me you’re rid of me How cool can you be Shrugging your shoulders saying you’re rid of me That’s the way it is So sickly sweet

Back Into The Universe – Simply Red

As we wander back into the universe We render ourselves into a higher plane Believing we will never wonder why again He surely must be laughing Mr. Universe Seeing

The Sky Is A Gypsy – Simply Red

The language you use You gotta be careful what you will choose And the first high was the best high You’re made of flesh and blood Yet it makes

Turn It Up – Simply Red

It don’t ever stop No no no no Turn it up, makes me so proud I believe in this feeling Well you’ve lost all the things That sharing could

Night Nurse – Simply Red

woman tend to the sick because there must be something she can do this heart is broken in two tell her it’s a case of emergency there’s a patient

Words For Girlfriends – Simply Red

Maybe Do I feel that my love will stay with you forever? Hopefully In memoriam of my lovers will you sleep with me forever? Oh most certainly I never