Performer SINISTER

Rebels Dome – Sinister

this world of sin, rebels dome rebels raving with violent rage marching at the dawn of no return rebels sworn to darkness praise the beast revenge is ours arena

To Mega Therion – Sinister

Dimentions opened mayhem enshines Cathastrophes, natural terrors Total chaos The world welters in blood TO MEGA THERION 666 Rivers of blood overflown With human waste Rains of fire The

Art Of The Damned – Sinister

Of the great abyss, I summon three Come forth from the burning pain The ancient slumber O’divined lord of emptiness Servants of the black wreakers of havoc Stir up

Mystical Illusions – Sinister

Tears are falling, as the winter captures my mind Darkness surrounds me as reach out in emptyness Running through a maze, a desert which holds the pain The sands

Enslave The Weak – Sinister

Controlling my mind, heart and soul destined death. A grey mist appears in my mind Darkness descends Enslave the weak, descend with hate Falling into despair, emptiness to time

Epoch Of Denial – Sinister

Visual deceit two horned grown in man disembody thee Entreaty of lies from her melting face insolent contempt to divide god’s ways Rise to the horns of capricorn burn

Putrefying Remains – Sinister

Your remains will putrefy Pungent stench formed by leprosy unequalled disease Vitality will escape carcass covered with dirt breath of life will flow in perishing light no more passing

Spiritual Immolation – Sinister

Surrounded by darkness the unholy house deceit keeper of the pylons with dimensions to sinister worlds malicious labyrinth harbour of the unholy altar beholder of the ritual keeper of

Perpetual Damnation – Sinister

Multifarious mutants they cross the brain the inferno of your morbid mind Damnation of immortal souls perpetual – caustic septic vitality damnation – deformed incubus perpetual damnation Mutilated dimensions

Sense Of Demise – Sinister

Black waters stir, a painful sight Secret faces overarc the spheres The wind groans, seance repeats Gorge of night, unseen woods Shadows cast out, purgatory winds Desert moans a

Bastard Saints – Sinister

ignorant child, victim of christian filth enforced to have faith in the book of lies, disguised as goodness bastard saints filled with lies and disgust reverend and ravisher bastard

Doomed – Sinister

Unleashed from the swarm of mortality arise in darkness where blackened souls dwell Shapes of darkness will abide the sound of death remains in emptiness Among the void twilight

The Bloodfeast – Sinister

Raging infectious malice Family driven by lunacy Massacre of symbols, THE BLOODFEAST Helter skelter, revolation 9 Death will surround them To secrecy they’re sworn Creating days of destruction Mayhem,

Desecrated Flesh – Sinister

Malicious celler, abhorrence place Evaporating stench of rotting bodyparts Nailed to the wall, mutilated and deformed Fridge with chopped heads, vermin flies and crawls all over Carnage temple, necropolis

Magnified Wrath – Sinister

Awaken from the ancient slumber Graceful phantasm of the netherworlds Mortals have summoned in Enochian tongue Diminish until the stars benumbed The opened mysteries of creation Arise, appear before

Diabolical Summoning – Sinister

as a dark treacherous death reflects the eyes of everlasting disgrace, a burning sky with dreadful shapes Nocturnal sign of blasphemy, sacrilegious prophecies Reflections of forgotten fright, they disturb

Tribes Of The Moon – Sinister

Behind the immortal gates Below the forbidden tombs The ancient catacombs Baphomet infernal god Baptize me with thy blood Ceremony to transform Occult sepruchral rite Judge me with thy

Sadistic Intent – Sinister

Feelings of excitement A pleasant ache Scenery of flesh Bodies bounded by rotting Paradise of pain Screams they numb me Crucified immortals, mutilated and impaled Suffering is everlasting, lamentation

Leviathan – Sinister

Roaming dead Hellspawn, the breeding pain Suffering in the shadows of the damned Beneath the sea the darklord dwells, breeding hellspawn endlessly Great serpent the enormous worm, snake with

Unseen Darknees – Sinister

Hell’s creation, death in the purest form Lord of demise, clandestine demigod Scornful saint, the curse of humanity UNSEEN DARKNEES I ride the blackened night of blasphemy To devour