Performer SIRRAH

Passover 1994 – Sirrah

I rejoice at golden heavens Bird’s eye view to earth All is mine today There’s no word like hope As the sun is hidden by the mist Now the

Patron – Sirrah

Anal religion and pissing sacrament art Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!… Your body is your bread Breasts will give the milk no more but they you to live on

Pillbox Impressions – Sirrah

Rainy mood haunts our minds looking through the agony Depression brought by the darkest times When hope is hard to feel Tell me the truth of heart that throbs

Acme – Sirrah

And reward will be most disastrous awe I eclipsed the sun and blind birds Feel down to the ground like lead I’ll take all the human joy Serve in

Did Tomorrow Come… – Sirrah

But there’s not much time to wait I lose my contact with reality I can’t recognize my face Can’t tell my eyes, my lips, my hair I don’t remember

… For The Sake Of Nothing – Sirrah

Destroy Plunder and murder To make a sacrifice to fight for lost Purity That is my burden To achieve success it takes the death Of several thousand people Or

Lash – Sirrah

All the breaths are caught in their trap Gloom flows still from interstice and blinds me coats my eyes I climb the spokes Of cold slippery ladder To reach

A. U. Tomb – Sirrah

Through my sadness Sun shines cold Now and here I want to fade Thoughts, my feelings, tears Try to change the world As the worst become reality Falsehood in

High Treason – Sirrah

Bolide with the mental propulsion Jumps into the past in the changeless cycle Targets found in random choice but not this time To extend the structure Here appear new