Performer SISQO

Infatuated – Sisqo

yo, i’m a show em how we do like this like this like this i like that like this like this like this yeah i like that come on

Last Night – Sisqo

this is for the new millaximum baby Sisqo for 2001 check this one out got a funny thing for the girl in my dreams preyin on me every

Close Your Eyes – Sisqo

forgive me, i’m guilty, i’m filthy baby cleanse me i’m empty, i’m ready to change no more lies no more lust fuck a slut thrust ain’t worth us girl

Off The Corner – Sisqo

intro hello hello. yeah, where yu at? yo im at the airport i just got back from paris had this girl dancing for me and S*** oh word? yeah

How Can I Love You 2nite – Sisqo

Tonight I couldn’t wait to get with you Cuz you really turn me on I had to do ya babe But I knew that you were wrong Don’t stop

Enchantment Passing Through – Sisqo

Whoaaa Yeah yeah yeah A few more days we’ll be home in glory Already they’ll be getting out the flags With Memphis high motive dilatory Still I only see

You Are Everything Remix – Sisqo

Yo make make my voice a little more distorted Yeah I don’t know if they ready for this (Yeah yeah) Uh uh bass (Yeah) Uh uh bass (Yeah) Uh

Without You – Sisqo

intro dru hill, pajam, without you, def soul verse1 im free to fly like a bird over the earth far away seeing where beauty’s entailed places unveiled take me

Is Love Enough – Sisqo

Whoo Oooh Oohhh Girl I see ya cryin And I know it’s cuz of me Ya say ya caught me cheatin And lyin constantly but I know you don’t

Incomplete – Sisqo

Ooh Oh yeah yeah Listen Bright lights Fancy restaurants Everything in this world that a man could want Got a bank account bigger than the law should allow Still

Dance For Me – Sisqo

so it is you. you think you’ll get away with the same thing again. yup. dance for me i love the way you shake your lil body for

Thong Song – Sisqo

Is lettin all the ladies know What guys talk about You know The finer things in life Hahaha Check it out Ooh dat dress so scandalous And ya know

Dream – Sisqo

I’ve told myself time and time again that I’m not in love with you And then it came to me one night in a dream you mean more to

Homewrecker – Sisqo

Hey Sisqo. It’s me love. Call me. I wanna hold the dragon. I know you gotta girl now. It’s cool. I just wanna see you, ok? see the

Got To Get It – Sisqo

(Oooh oooh) I don’t know if I can say what I wanna do (Yeah) Hmm…Maybe I can (Yeah yeah yeah) Uh uh uh uh come on Do I haveta

Your Love Is Incredible – Sisqo

Oooh Oh baby baby yeah Baby baby Listen Girl I peeped you on the corner So I rolled up on ya late one Saturday You was peelin a banana

Not Afraid – Sisqo

Yo i swear, i been through it all and i pray that i never fall, God protect me as i swing by dragon chain all my dogs with me

So Sexual – Sisqo

Can you feel me baby Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah yeah Oooh Oh yeah Listen It’s givin me a chill Every time I think About the love we make It

Addicted – Sisqo

Girl I think about you Damn when don’t I think about you Everyday Every night Yo it’s hard for a nigga to talk about stuff like this But damn

Can I Live – Sisqo

you knew i wan’t faithful from the jump so dont fonr like i was quit quit acting up bugging since when we been messing flexing love has been good