Jailbreak – Six Feet Under

Somewhere in this town See me and the boys we don’t like it So were getting up and going down Hiding low looking right to left If you see

Short Cut To Hell – Six Feet Under

I’ve seen the visions, I’ve heard the call The one from below, I’ll soon be back You saw the light and turned to black The fires, they burn In

Suffering In Ecstasy – Six Feet Under

There is no hope In this grave Bottomless The deepest depths An empty pit No way to live Dead It’s killing me This deadly plague Poisoned blood Runs through

Remains Of You – Six Feet Under

I watched your body twist in pain Rotten bodies, dead leaking pussing limbs Separated heads smell the rotting dead degenerating flesh mutilated after death moulded decayed skin decomposition bodily

Drowning – Six Feet Under

I feel that I am going under Swept away I struggle now Gasping for my last breath Choking me – I can not breathe Liquid vision, all I see

Feasting On The Blood Of The Insane – Six Feet Under

the mindless wretches of society To drink of their blood and feast upon their flesh Time to break cause you’ll never take this Lots of stiffs and blood, what

Burning Blood – Six Feet Under

The mind of an animal Behind human eyes Restrained with a rope Crudely tied to wrists and ankles Eyes jellied from chemical injections Devoid of all compassion I place

Grinder – Six Feet Under

I won’t keep in time Tend to burn the arrow Out of the line Been inclined to wander Off the beaten track That’s where there’s thunder And the wind

Silent Violence – Six Feet Under

A hole in your neck Your blood sprays my skin warm and wet you can’t feel your heart beating scream no one is listening I cut your tongue from

4:20 – Six Feet Under

A warm glow inside my bones The touch of velvet rubbed against my soul Thoughts of things you’ve always known Thoughts of things you’ve always known Break through and

As I Die – Six Feet Under

To come now, waiting – hatred Dreaming of life False hope Dying to live, waiting to die – alone in this world Nausea – sickness, a lifeless living body

The Enemy Inside – Six Feet Under

the dark side of my mind this hollow shell A body with no soul Feeding on me, growing inside, this parasite dormant within, now it’s alive, it came to

This Graveyard Earth – Six Feet Under

Soon to wipe out the human race A planet of life, infected since birth Dominated by power, war and wealth Over time accelerated A vicious circle we have perpetuated

No Warning Shot – Six Feet Under

4 shots fired another body falls I execute the guilty violently Undercover killing spree – no warning shot Die motherfucker, die, die Die motherfucker, die, die Die motherfucker, die,

Hacked To Pieces – Six Feet Under

No known cure for my disease I’ll start to slice and kill and maim I’ll pick up a hammer smash in your face Torn up, I’ll continue to kill

Human Target – Six Feet Under

My thoughts are my own I live to die That’s why I was born Kill or be killed The law of the land Standing tall, I’m not running scared

War Is Coming – Six Feet Under

I believe in those foretold prophecies of doom They say the end is close, it’s coming fast Not every single one of us is gonna last So, stand and

Still Alive – Six Feet Under

Rotten – eight years in the grave smell the ripe decay No eyes in my skull, but I still see Alive, I’m dead, alive – something has given me

Mass Murder Rampage – Six Feet Under

though I never stopped the carnage Rotten core – drenched bodies disease from massive loss of blood Turning blue lack of oxygen a starving dying brain stem Spurting –