Song Beat Yourself Blind – Skid Row

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Give a minute Њcause Iіm wrapped in superstitution
Pour me a chemical to take away the edge
Donіt make up anything thatіs breaking all your fingers
Just slap around a bit of what it takes to pledge

Carry out another stone as a slave
Ask general-know-it-all іWhoіs juggling the earth?-
Tease all the natives that will walk across your grave
And shove aside your nation all for what itіs worth

Beat yourself blind (Repeat 6x)
An open eyes and a closed mind

Look at the suit in suspended animation
A faded outline that used to be a man
A piece of paper thatіs fallen out a window
Has got a better chance to know where it will land

Repeat Chorus

To bleed in vain, to bleed in vain — under my eyes are painted skies
Down at the boneyard, theyіre digginі up the relics
Handfuls or parasites thrown into machines
I got the phone call theyіre tearinі down the mission

what is the old main drag?
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