Performer SKYCLAD

Thinking Allowed – Skyclad

That was set to explode So I packed up my cares Into the sunset I rode A path to hell that’s paved With good intentions. Well I guess you

Spinning Jenny – Skyclad

I turned deaf ears to words of warning now I’m running scared. Casting caution to the wind now that the cat’s away I say my grace – fill my

A Dog In The Manger – Skyclad

Common sense has lost all function – stranded in the night. The albatross has flown the nest – he’s breaking family ties He recalls his mother weeping with her

The Once Piece Puzzle – Skyclad

Tell me do you like what you’ve found? Are your thoughts like the earth spinning round? Existence is pure pantomime Why is life such a puzzle sometimes? Trapped in

I Dubiuos – Skyclad

beware my son it could be yours one day. Hier transparent to a dynasty – dog – emperor of woe and misery. It sent me mad but now it

Just What Nobody Wanted – Skyclad

I think that life has got it in for me, Can you please tell me who’s to blame? For all the bills upon my mat – They breed and

A Well Beside The River – Skyclad

to give their all – and should they fall strive on til they succeed. though my belly aches with hunger – weary limbs tremble and shiver i’d rather go

My Mother In Darkness – Skyclad

my lily of the valley of the shadow of death. Her velvet shadow in the rain, disturb the stillness of the hour. Each crimson kiss a tender pain, like

Little Miss Take – Skyclad

when you said “I love you you addressed your own reflection. I’d prayed up to the heavens for a goddess of desire, the best they had on offer was

Art Nazi – Skyclad

It’s the Emperor Caligula School of Charm, Don’t take his word ’cause it’s not worth having it (he’s an Art-Nazi) He’s a tinpot Hitler gone berserk, A self-made man

A Broken Promised Land – Skyclad

Agitating his apostles with the gospels in his hand While apprentice hitlers gather down in inner city subways To immortalise their ignorance with aerosol spray cans. Life is the

Snake Charming – Skyclad

great what you find if you turn enough stones. Legerdmain eyes wear the sweetest of faces – you’re quick to invite into your hearts and homes. But the serpent

No Deposit, No Return – Skyclad

tea cup and walking stick set by her side. As her old fingers reached out to turn up the volume, I learnt what it meant to be bursting with

Constance Eternal – Skyclad

On wednesday the seventh your flight departed, you waved us goodbye – we stood on the ground as one journey ended another one started – you passes overhead (your

Gammadion Seed – Skyclad

When they paraded through our streets, we turned a blind eye as they passed Safe in the comfort of our homes we all forget the need to fear This

No Strings Attached – Skyclad

for no show goes on forever, if the world’s a stage – mine’s empty. whilst upon it you’ll tread never. As the instruments lie silent in their coffins made

Vintage Whine – Skyclad

pray, be seated, take your places Should my manna seem displeasing, offend your airs and graces, I’ve a list long as your arm, (The connoisseur’s selection) such bitter whines

The Widdershins Jig – Skyclad

And searched together for the treasure hiding at the rainbow’s end. To wise man’s son and Wednesday’s child all is white that is not black, They dance in symbiotic

A Room Next Door – Skyclad

Of the faces gathered round me and the clock upon my wall My loved-ones stand in mourning but the china timepiece laughs As it counts away the seconds (it

Womb Of The Worm – Skyclad

Hides behind his mirror shades and crocodile smile Preying on the weak, the vulnerable and innocent All things pure and virginal he will defile. Shepherd of a flock of