How To Play Dead – Sleater Kinney

go ahead and try you want it now but thats the way it goes do you want to hurt me go ahead and try you’re feeling sick you poor

Taking Me Home – Sleater Kinney

you come here every day to make sure i’m still here you look at me that way rings on my fingers and bows in my hair you think i’m

Burn, Don’t Freeze – Sleater Kinney

to make a love burn brighter. (When you saw me, on that first day said I’d blossom under your care). Always thought that the devil was the only one

Stay Where You Are – Sleater Kinney

stay where you are i’m in the dark stay where you are (i’m alright i feel fine you’re my life i’m alright) she’s dead if you want and that’s

I Wanna Be Yr Joey Ramone – Sleater Kinney

when it’s all mine it’s on my wall it’s in my head memorize it till i’m dead it’s yours now i’m so bored yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah i wanna

Don’t Think You Wanna – Sleater Kinney

that is where am i i breathe the thin air i like it way up there in a bunch of trees i’m down on my knees i know what

My Stuff – Sleater Kinney

we won’t let them grow up that way things have changed but some things have stayed the same hold on to what you want to but some things are

Little Mouth – Sleater Kinney

damn you smile pretty take take the money you know me well oh don’t you? smile pretty take take the money you know how to sell? i do. i’m

Anonymous – Sleater Kinney

and talking i’m talking she’s talking like books i read it’s easy it’s easy it’s easy to shut yourself off never on the record it’ll never show up she

Dig Me Out – Sleater Kinney

dig me in outta this mess baby outta my head whaddya want whaddya know one to get started three till we go dig me out dig me in outta

The Day I Went Away – Sleater Kinney

on the day i went away do i always have to leave for you to want me here to stay couldn’t you just tell me you’ll miss me all

Taste Test – Sleater Kinney

(where are you now) a mess a lot a lie (where are you now) i can’t be alone tonight (where are you now) i’m tired i’m hurt i’m fine

Memorize Your Lines – Sleater Kinney

I know I shouldn’t ask why I wake up feeling dead. (Say forever, that’s a dirty word Will you stay here, that’s a dirty girl) Perform of my life,

The Last Song – Sleater Kinney

is the last song i’ll ever do for you, about me, ’cause your games are through. i won’t think, i won’t breathe, i won’t even close my eyes to

One Song For You – Sleater Kinney

If you want me in your bed we better do it on the sly, and you know why. One Song for you We wrote a little tune it takes

Get Up – Sleater Kinney

let it all go at once not peice by peice, but like a whole bucket of stars dumped into the universe Whoooh! Watcb it go! Good-bye small hands, good-bye

Call The Doctor – Sleater Kinney

they want to purify you they want to dignify, analyze and terrorize you this is love and you can’t make it (look out they want what you know) in

Hot Rock – Sleater Kinney

before the night is through I’m going to steal this diamong hot rock to you how am I to know what you want me to feel? counterfeit or real?

The End Of You – Sleater Kinney

make the oars run swift and fast. Send me out your strongest crew make their hearts and minds steadfast. Bless me with Athene there’s no meaner, she’s the best.

Good Things – Sleater Kinney

couldn’t say it, couldn’t make it go away it’s a hard place, can’t be friends, we can’t be enemies it’s just too much, feel the weight crushing down on