Performer SLICK RICK

The Moment I Feared – Slick Rick

It’s the last day of the week, boy what a relief (relief) My muscles kind of ache, they felt rigid and stuff so I looked around, and I smoked

Street Talkin’ – Slick Rick

Don’t try to claim things I haven’t earned honest, man Slick Rick and OutKast is on this jam What kid? Diamond on the 2-2 grand Trying to help raise

Me & Nas Bring It To Your Hardest – Slick Rick

Me and Nas bring it to your hardest Finally, real niggaz that are Billboard charters Me and Nas bring it to your hardest Skills provide

Treat Her Like A Prostitute – Slick Rick

Hit it Excuse me What? Can I have your attention? Mn-hmm There’s just a few things that I’ve got to mention (Uh-huh) There’s girlies out here that seem appealing

Impress The Kid – Slick Rick

Intro: (DJ S&S), Slick Rick (Uhh check it out….. S&S…… with the ruler ’98……..Def Jam…..) And here we are, in the phase again That ol’ funeral music, is he

A Love That’s True (Part One) – Slick Rick

you just don’t trust no bitch, you know what I’m sayin? “;Okay, daddy, I understand”; Cause bitches ain’t no good, you know what I’m sayin? “;Okay, I get your

Kit (What’s The Scoop?) – Slick Rick

Sorry, Michael, it’s Rick the Ruler, I have to go Lights, camera, action, you’re on, Get old Ricky D, what’s wrong? The crowd’s gone, So help me out Kit

King Piece In The Chess Game – Slick Rick

Check, check, check, check Check, check.. * Slick Rick starts humming a snake charmer song * Yeah.. They say.. that Rick Rick is.. You’re all garbage, that type talk

I Run This – Slick Rick

* audience applause * * siren sounds * “;MC… Ricky… D”; * last syllable scratched * “;Okay party people in the house”; * scratched * “;This is the original

Unify – Slick Rick

I falls off into a party in the N. Y. C. Niggaz lookin at me strange but they lovin my chain Bang bang, same thang, game came

Behind Bars (Dum Ditty Dum Mix) – Slick Rick

Chilling wit my man Slick Rick, you know And we gonna give you all a little tale about this jail stuff You know, so Rick, why don’t you run

Who Rotten ‘Em – Slick Rick

In the field makin’ my brick without hayin’ Mad busy kid, nah whip cut here You, boy, drop your bundle bring your butt in A soldier, what I do

We Swear The Best Star Rappers Of The Year – Slick Rick

*Put your ballies on +Yo Rick I was about to but I need the shoehorn *Why + Because the shoes always hurt my?(gong)? *6 minutes, 6 minutes, 6 minutes

All Alone (No One To Be With) – Slick Rick

Paid her respects and not to mention was a virgin. Kid pushed up, Dawn lettin’ him Since he made her laugh and all the other girls was sweatin’ him.

The Ruler’s Back – Slick Rick

It is I, sire, Richard of Nottingham Well, speak up man, what is it? News from the east, sire, Rick the Ruler has returned! Gather ’round party goers as

La Di Da Di (Live) – Slick Rick

Aww yea! Yea… La di da di… la di da di, La di, la di! You know what, you peep this, La di da di, we like to party.

Lick The Balls – Slick Rick

A solemn rapper come in — and who the fuck are you? Around this part of town with diamonds and your girl in fur “;I’m trying to enter in

Hey Young World – Slick Rick

Hey young world… the world is yours Hey young world… the world is yours Young world young world… the world is yours Young wo-ah-huh-huh-huh-urld This rap here… it may

Frozen – Slick Rick

Rick the Ruler, Raekwon, hehe the Chef, check one two Touch more, taste a glass of oil Flash yours Rae Money we saw, left em dead

La-Di-Da-Di – Slick Rick

This is something you never witnessed before… Yes, it’s the incredible Doug E. Fresh… With his partner, the grand wizard MC, Ricky D D, and that’s me in the