Performer SMOG

I Could Drive Forever – Smog

To many people have crumbled apart In my hand I should have left a long time ago The best idea I’ve ever had With every mile Another piece of

River Guard – Smog

They have the time of their lives I love to watch them floating On their backs Unburden and relaxed I sit in the tall grass and look the other

Sleepy Joe – Smog

I got up in May and had some toast Then I bedded down again I bedded down again Because I was sleepy In June I made enough chili in

No Dancing – Smog

Snuffling, choking Looking like you came to collect Something you said you owed There’s always some turtle snapping in my head Saying you can’t just waltz in here Acting

Cold Discovery – Smog

Still you come to me So gently Find a soft place on your body And rub me with it Oh, this I won’t soon forget You’re the one that

Hit The Ground Running – Smog

Though there was some nice folks there Now I don’t know where I’m going All I know is I’ll hit the ground running Only cowboys The Southern gentlemen Betting

Distance – Smog

A human sound of fleshy flesh Little fists pummel absently To birth the spirit in the room The wind it seems to lick The wind it seems to suck

All Your Women Things – Smog

All your frilly things Scattered ’round my room Right where you left them When you left them Scattered ’round my room All your hardness All your softness And your

Your New Friend – Smog

And there’s nothing left to say I know what you’re going to do So i’m going my seperate way You’re going to call your new friend On the telephone

Strayed – Smog

You walk behind But seem to lead the way Oh, I know I, Oh, I know I have strayed I have taken you for a ride Left you waiting

Red Apple Falls – Smog

It’s hard to live With a man A man like me The widow says It’s hard to live On the lonely version of love i give And i’ve seen

Cold Blooded Old Times – Smog

The type of memories that turns your bones to glass Turns your bones to glass Mother came rushing in she said we didn’t see a thing We said we

Dress Sexy At My Funeral – Smog

Dress sexy at my funeral my good wife For the first time in your life Wear your blouse undone to hear And your skirt split up to here Oh

It’s Rough – Smog

Aand you just can’t cope When the times are bleak And the friends are few Don’t turn to me ‘Cause I’m no hope Don’t turn to me ‘Cause I

Lize – Smog

Like they used to They don’t make lies Like they used to You don’t make lies Like you used to You don’t make lies Like you used to In

Bloodflow – Smog

Hold on Hold on Hold on Hold on, hold on with a grip so tight It dams my blood, makes my head feel light Well, hearts will start and

Back In School – Smog

With your hand in his hair And his hand in Your back pocket I couldnt help but stare I wanted to tell you That i was back in school