Performer SMOKE CITY

Mister Gorgeous – Smoke City

Walks up to the bar and orders and As he passes by, they all sigh – ah… When he moves just like a panther, He feels your gaze, but

Flying Away – Smoke City

I am flying away now Goodbye sweet romance I am flying away now To num aviao saindo fora embora estou num aviao saindo fora pra cima Estou num aviao

Jamie Pan – Smoke City

Peter pan of the park With flute he pipes his way On tree branches he plays Until it’s dark Jamie Pan When he gets restless He jumps above the

Aguas De Marco ( Joga Bossa Mix ) – Smoke City

Joga bossa nova samba DJ please play bossa nova for me Radio, radio Colours in life Everyday thinks like a stick or a fly A pear, a peach A

With You – Smoke City

With you I felt pain With you I was me And a bit of you too Inhaling and being inhaled In an all or nothing situation If I tried

Underwater Love – Smoke City

The way I feel it slipping all over me This must be underwater love The way I feel it O que que? esse amor, d’бgua Deve sentir muito parecido

Devil Mood – Smoke City

Doucement s’il te plait Pourquoi que tu es si mйchant Mon terribly plus bel enfant Mechant toi tu es quand je te vois Je te veux plus que hier