Performer SODOM

Wachturm – Sodom

Mitten in der Nacht Es klingelt an der TЃr Noch halb im Koma Das glaubt mir keiner Da will jemand was von mir Ich mach mal offen Was seh

Fields Of Honour – Sodom

Living spaces, contaminated By all the fatal scrap They’ll coming down, materialised Enchanted by the grace of god They’ll keep their eyes on you To turn around the fool

Pretenders To The Throne – Sodom

Our master regal and glory Subject for suppressions land Fairness find no place to expand All his soldiers di to live In labyrints of death Buring temples in town

Better Off Dead – Sodom

Where there is no return Try to find a pleasant means of death All your life you have learnt Tortured by the world till you Draw your final breath

Bloodtrails – Sodom

Blood… Blood… Far away from native lands Operation “Desert Shield” Prevent a war of conquest Military blockades Securing the peace Fighting for aggressor’s rest Beware of this place The

The Vice Of Killing – Sodom

Bloody taste Hold him in a vicelike grip Disordered life A rabid dog Blinded by deceit Abhorrence of the paltry and human remains Moronic sentiments are born to be

Witchhammer – Sodom

Hangmans are ready to burst their axes down They want pull the hammer down to fair wemon Witchhammer torment bressed ladies Witchhammer greedy looked eyes Witchhammer burning souls Witchhammer

Silence Is Consent – Sodom

They want to see him die, blood and despoliation Rescue operation A drop in the bucket Armed and seasoned But we’ll never give up Hopeless deliverance We’ll fight to

Code Red – Sodom

For better or for worse Disloyalty gets punished If you tear down the wall Your strength of will, built on sand Pootprints on your face No dream and no

Capture The Flag – Sodom

Responsible and proud Sold their soul for native love In war to stand their ground Don’t bury the hatchet Get on with your fight Snipe down the enemies Put

What Hell Can Create – Sodom

Greedy for desire No sorrow stops my inclination An inner burning fire The war within my pulsing brain Keeps me separated From those who never understand Blind and desecrated

Braindead – Sodom

A fateful day when you lost your mind Pulsing blood but tour body won’t die They hold up the mirror to your face New definitions to the human race

Back To War – Sodom

And universal peace No suspension Of hostilities Prophecy of bad news This is no fun Come into your own And take off your gun The enemy behind Like an

Tombstone – Sodom

They ride Two faced killers on the battle line No defeat One kind deed And bullets to your brain Here they wanna go to sleep To wait the coming

Unbury The Hatchet – Sodom

They don’t know what is really going on Like a clever move in a game of chess To make an enemy of the world They stick at nothing You

That’S What An Unknown Killer Diarized – Sodom

Tides of burning blood upon my face Caressing my soul like a sweet embrace Passionate, secret and profound Gleaming eyes of uncharitable love Shuffling out of mental claws to

Nuclear Winter – Sodom

Deserted neglected into the dark Devitalised souls cripple the planet in greed Proceed until we are Absorbed in blood Causing the premature burial of nature With the spark to

Deathlike Silence – Sodom

Fulfilled of suspended bare foreboding Great erhaulted forms of life Touched me by my nightmare Feel the inflamed impression in my soul Appeared that i get blessed Deathlike silence

Resurrection – Sodom

Your soul disappears in eyes of blue With dignity and lonely lust The moon is shining bright to you Angels adore your mortal dust Welcome to the paradise Great

Visual Buggery – Sodom

Total exhibition by political supreme They look away and keep restrained cause money doesn’t smell Don’t wanna hear the cries, forever damned in hell Mind decapitation TV Strangulation Insane