Enchanted Lands – Sodom

To find the place of promise Moving silently down Through war disabled centuries Living many secret lives Unrecognised by human eyes Struggling to reach the aim To dwell in

Don’t Walk Away – Sodom

I wish she would, your fat blanket mother She growls and roars like thunder A mouth so big, the eighth world wonders She wants me to throw her daughter

Shadow Of Damnation – Sodom

I saw your face in the crowd Impressed so deep inside my heart Nothing gonna stop me now Seduce this little whore Your soul was dipped in venom Your

Tarred And Feathered – Sodom

Is the age of inquisition Where kings and queens got the power To lay down immoral religions Pursuit of innocent flesh Shredding of their blood Plundering and robbing A

Unwanted Youth – Sodom

Born in bad relationships Growing up in gutters to learn the tricks At daggers drawn with all the laws Don’t know what the rules are for Unwanted youth Unwanted

Hunting Season – Sodom

Because you forgot the rules The words I said are Sure to come true Your empty promises Treacherous and blind Your deceitful lies call The war back to my

Deadline – Sodom

Takes you off the ground Embrace your hopes And pray to them When your smile turns upside down Silent noise in sleepless nights Freeze your mind and blood Think

One Step Over The Line – Sodom

Where time stands still In a paradise of love and hate Like pack of hounds Invading the land Girls sell their bodies Like hot cakes Unscrupulous deals With human

Hydrophobia – Sodom

I’m a powerkeg, ready to explode Never admit defeat in the last resort You better run to set you free Because my bloodlust jerks my mind to kill Don’t

Peacemaker’s Law – Sodom

Don’t be afraid of any man No matter what his size Just call on me, I will be there And I will equalise Peacemaker’s law Thumb-buster’s draw Peacemaker’s law

Sodomy And Lust – Sodom

I adore you in this song for me Call me within your holy house to dwell Let me raise for myself in spell Voluptuously dancing daughters of the night

Persecution Mania – Sodom

Back into the jungles depth Armed to the teeth Cold blooded experienced Mercenary paid to slaughter Sector madness kill and destroy Missing captive locked up In contaminated camps Only

Jabba The Hut – Sodom

Malodorous flatulence wherever you go Obese, sweaty and fattened Like a swine in a prime of grease Jabba the hut Jabba the hut Jabba the hut Jabba the hut

Freaks Of Nature – Sodom

Nobody will come to know the truth Inpore with impeccability Heinous deeds coming soon Freaks of nature Push matters to extreme Freaks of nature Resolute to defeat Shady and

Verrecke! – Sodom

Eine Klingel ohne Namen, nirgends registriert Finistere Gestalten wohin man sieht Am Tage noch da haben sie Versicherungen vertickt Doch im der Nacht werden sie zu Monstern Fernab von

Cowardice – Sodom

Your mind, your soul genetically deformed The nature struck back with a fatal mistake In witness whereof what hell can create The darkside of the mocking curse Fervent love

Sodomized – Sodom

Saw the wide spread dying off Incurable diseased and on the loose Remember the atrocities Stop the painful miseries Waiting for the dead man’s shoes I need at last

Book Burning – Sodom

With hearts that have no right to beat Whispering echoes forcasting my fate From heaven to hell I spirit away The shadow of wathers haunting my soul Replacing my

Murder In My Eyes – Sodom

Give me a sign that you exist At the threshold of entrance I’m filled with hopes and yearning To find a way beyond the death Condemned to leave this

Cold Sweat – Sodom

Dedicated To : Phil Lynott (RIP) ) I put my money in the suitcase And headed for the big race I felt a chill on my backbone As I