Fuck The Police – Sodom

New age rebellion – anarchy Intoxicated with injustice of law Sneaking lifes – mental decay Practicise subversive dirty needs No acts of grace – stand up and fight You

The Saw Is The Law – Sodom

Signed his path of death Trace him to the place of fright Searching for his daily bread When midnight comes around Be warned because he is out of sight

Die Stumme Ursel – Sodom

Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick Ein M„dschen zum kuscheln und lieben Und nur ganz allein fЃr mich Bin der ersten Mann in ihrem Leben Mein Wunsch geht

Spiritual Demise – Sodom

The god of the light Escorted by a rolling thunder There is no grace There is no guilt Enflamed by a human wonder Looking through my eyes And see

Delight In Slaying – Sodom

No laughter of the folk No power of the heaven Desolation of the earth Worship blood and fire Worship swords and spears Damn them who have pity Kill them

Proctelytism Real – Sodom

Psychosis of a rabid sickless brood Esoteric dreams a foreign man Nocturnal flush, frenzied and rude Buried in a nameless grave Stand up again the world to save The

Bullet In The Head – Sodom

Consumer groups Inspired to say yes Debasement by Your mad persuasion Destroyed while you progress Bullet in the head Kick the bucket Are you prepared? There is a bullet

An Eye For An Eye – Sodom

For many years, I am asking you why Why are the innocent dead and the guilty alive? Where is justice? Where is punishment Something big is brewing You can

The Crippler – Sodom

There is no such thing Tearing up the garbage With pain and suffering Breaking rules is your desire You got no sympathy I’ll put you in a wheelchair That’s

Conjuration – Sodom

There meet the maniacs Burning flickering candles Smell of blood and death Please the favour of the black Earthery joys at midnight In the horror creep and crawl No

Liquidation – Sodom

No more vitalities Feeding your mind with fear Smell of death is coming near Squeezing out your blood Life dragging through the mud Dissection of your brain Pumpin’ up

Schwerter Zu Pflugscharen – Sodom

Mit stiefeln hast du mich getreten Wie ein wolf auf mich gelauert Ich war dir hilflos ausgeliefert Hast meine wкrde mir geraubt Um gnade liessest du mich winseln Zu

Suicidal Justice – Sodom

Show them that you are the master of carnal desire Confusion in their hateful eyes when they call you a liar You cannot suppress the reflection of hate and

Masquerade In Blood – Sodom

Flames of red they escape the fire The battle rages on, violation of minds Wiped out everyone who will stand in their path Replacing the life by the foul

The Conqueror – Sodom

To the treasure of the damned Blessing no longer be poured the mystical lord Covered with rich headdress He will proceed his way over the line Furious as tiger

Get What You Deserve – Sodom

Close about me to ride for a fall My time is passing, my chance is getting low Incredible hate my cure for tomorrow I can’t forget the day you

Gomorrah – Sodom

Admonition of the death Obscurity and secret force What are these symbols standing for? Gomorrah, mother of harlotry Gomorrah, ascendancy forever An insidious looking creature Beneath the frantic fault