Haunting The Obscure – Solitude Aeturnus

Forty souls are locked in stone A thousand eyes open to see The wolves of ruin devouring me Dying hearts of unkown voices leave my hope under fallen stars

Opaque Divinity – Solitude Aeturnus

Inside a dream Revealing what shall come to be With strengthened sight Tears of stone fell from his eyes Paving paths that none should follow Behold the Beginning of

Pain – Solitude Aeturnus

Teardrops in their eyes Others that we’ve torn To take away their pride I’ve felt the pain before Tearing skin and bone To evil we conform Weakness we have

The Final Sin – Solitude Aeturnus

Within your hearts creates desire To covet far beyond your need The embers of eternal Greed Destroy the Earth and cloud the sky Fill your chests with other’s lives

It Came Upon One Night – Solitude Aeturnus

When Nemesis besieged Lightning streaked across the sky And thunderclouds did scream It came upon one night On land the seas had turned Typhoons swept with certain death Air

White Ship – Solitude Aeturnus

Floating endless through the sea On the other side of knowledge Through the pliancy of dreams And voices there upon the ship Spoke of radiant place’s splendor Beautiful shores

Transcending Sentinels – Solitude Aeturnus

II. PROLOGUE TO THE END We’ve been here through the all the circles And lived with the godless tyranny One day all of you shall be perfect And understand

The 8th Day: Mourning – Solitude Aeturnus

It’s time to sleep Everything is not as it seems Silent hands of winter winds Are drawing near… Fold the tension slowly Wait beneath the tear The tarnished gold

Falling – Solitude Aeturnus

Where the blue pyramids sleep I close the world behind me For my future soul to keep longer than I want to know them Spawning dirges fill my veins

Where Angels Dare To Tread – Solitude Aeturnus

Or so it seemed to be Abram saw and rushed to greet These godlike entities Prepare a feast my chosen wife That we may honor these A festive mood

Seeds Of The Desolate – Solitude Aeturnus

of seething thoughts abroad Amuck in shallow graves not of solid Earth Silhouette charades of cascading shattered walls Confusing conscience craves but we must not fall… At the first