Picturing The Past – Sonata Arctica

In a house where no one never sleeps, lays a man who sees more with his eyes Picturing the past before him, in a bed, alone, with clothes on

My Land – Sonata Arctica

My own land has closed ots gates on me All alone in world, it’s scaring me I am here to prove you wrong I’m accused of something I live

8th Commandment – Sonata Arctica

All those lies suit you. They are custom made to drive you out of reality. Lies are true for you. You know, what you do is reaching a point

Blank File – Sonata Arctica

It is your new best friend, new eye in your private den And you can find the world inside it every day They know what you did today, hear

Replica – Sonata Arctica

I’m home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door. I tried so hard to obey the law, see the meaning of it all. Remember

UnOpened – Sonata Arctica

Another misspelled rhyme written in the book of time In one page I’ve spent all my life Ink ain’t even dry. I’ve been living in a lie? How could

Kingdom For A Heart – Sonata Arctica

What the hell are you standing there for, expecting me to help you, when I’m down myself waiting my saviour, my world is flooding over, there’s no room for

Destruction Preventer – Sonata Arctica

I’m at home where my coat’s hanging, I’m a shepherd of raising sun I believe and trust in my land, I control, I am in charge of Everyones future,

FullMoon – Sonata Arctica

Sitting on a corner all alone, staring from the bottom of his soul, watching the night come in from the window It’ll all collapse tonight the fullmoon is here

Letter To Dana – Sonata Arctica

Dana, my darling, I’m writing to you. Cause your father passed away, it was a beautiful day And I don’t want to bother you anymore, I used to hope