Too Far To Where You Are – Sons Of The Desert

About having you alone I know that you’ll be there for me But in my favorite fantasy You won’t be… Chorus: Across the street, across the room A step

Albuquerque – Sons Of The Desert

I’ve spent twenty three nights in this one horse town I’ve been jacked up, been broke down for too long I’ve been bustin’ my tail in the blazing sun

Burned In My Mind – Sons Of The Desert

It’s about time you came around I’m still trying to figure out What’s so good about This life you found Yes, I’m doing fine now But I’m still trying

Bring On The Angel – Sons Of The Desert

You could say I never liked the square life You could blame it on my circle of friends It’s just been me, Jack D., Jimmy B. and Johnny Walker

You Can Come Cryin’ To Me – Sons Of The Desert

I can tell by the trail of tears that’s there on your sleeve That your only souvenir is a pain that won’t leave All he left behind are the

What I Did Right – Sons Of The Desert

(Drew Womack/Sonny LeMaire) -I have my heroes, but no one knows their names They never asked for recognition, they never wanted fame My Granddad fought the second World War

Change – Sons Of The Desert

Billy’s standing out by a west Texas highway With his thumb in the morning air He’s spent 18 summers in the dust of Odessa Never getting nowhere But he

That’s The Kind Of Love You’re In – Sons Of The Desert

Will our love start getting old Maybe when the ocean’s dry Or when the sun turns cold Baby that’s the kind of love you’re in Baby that’s the kind

Colorado – Sons Of The Desert

Colorado’s just to cold You see I’m a gulf coast boy by heart It’s in my blood Where I left my soul The pain all started way back when

Whatever Comes First – Sons Of The Desert

Everyone says it’s no big deal Nothin’ a little more time won’t heal Sooner or later the way I fell will change But they never hurt the way I

Drive Away – Sons Of The Desert

Things are too simple, things are too hard Nobody’s happy with the way things are Looking for the quick fix, the short term loan Got to rent ’cause you

Hand Of Fate – Sons Of The Desert

She was a waitress down in New Orleans She had a broken past He worked the oil rigs over in Corpus Out on a weekend pass He sat down

Promises – Sons Of The Desert

Promises hung out on the line Sparkle and shine in the daylight Promises and little vows unspoken All too soon lie broken it he arms of the night I

When It’s Right – Sons Of The Desert

I used to be a really sensible guy I had a plan I was in control Then love came and changed my mind Not to mention my heart Not

Everybody’s Gotta Grow Up Sometime – Sons Of The Desert

Why can’t I? G. I. Joe moved to Mexico He’s hiding from the IRS Wearing diamond rings and livin’ like a king At an undisclosed address Superman flew to

Devil On Both Shoulders – Sons Of The Desert

She loves to love me I love it when she does When we get together I feel a bit corrupt When she feels the yearnin’ I just let her

Leaving October – Sons Of The Desert

The autumn leaves they rush outside my window Like they’ve got something so important they must do Sara will be home now any minute She likes her third grade