Spinnin’ – Soul Asylum

Undermining all that we know Suddenly starts thinkin’ been fooled from the beginnin’ When the cause is lost you find there is no point in winnin’ Then it’s hard

Runaway Train – Soul Asylum

Like a firefly without a light You were there like a blowtorch burning I was a key that could use a little turning So tired that I couldn’t even

Ode – Soul Asylum

Chewed his cud, was a stick in the mud I swear he hated everyone And he’s bumming nickels and bumming dimes But most of all you know he’s just

Take It To The Root – Soul Asylum

I’ve been cryin’, tears are down my face Do this, do that, it’s always push, push, push But I sure grow tired of beating ’round the bush Take it

The Game – Soul Asylum

Plays it with me all the time Makes me feel pretty good, I guess Hey that’s a pretty dress But you shouldn’t have No, you shouldn’t have Let me

Without A Trace – Soul Asylum

She laughed in my face So seriously I took her I was a disgrace I was out of line; I was out of place Out of time to save

New York Blackout – Soul Asylum

You will never get another piece of me Cause in a New York blackout, things go kinda slow And you miss the things you never thought you’d see There’s

Secret No More – Soul Asylum

Is it something we can make it through I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to figure you out Like a black silhouette in a shadow of doubt

Broken Glass – Soul Asylum

Laughing at the other end get me my prescription, come and walk my dog please get me anything You can’t seal fate with a kick You should know it

See You Later – Soul Asylum

Sweet manipulator And how I thank you dearly For helping me see clearly Yes sir no sir let me go Sir I don’t even want to know Sir I’ve

Creatures Of Habit – Soul Asylum

If the darkness has no end, light up the darkness It ain’t on what you can depend, it’s who you can depend on If the rain wants to come

Cartoon – Soul Asylum

if I’m dragging by some coat tail, I can’t see it’s too dark, but I’ve got to know what’s got the best of me. When the circus that you

Money Talks – Soul Asylum

We’re whipping out our wallets trying to but what we’re missing Money screams out “;I need a slave”; I’m just trying to find some worker to dig my grave

Something Out Of Nothing – Soul Asylum

One thing I might say, no one’s gotta know about running away Trying to make something out of nothing Leaning hard on yet another drug All of these temptations

We 3 – Soul Asylum

To my favorite band I was pushed aside I said “;hey don’t push me no one pushes me”; When I was face to face with the woman I admired

No Time For Waiting – Soul Asylum

It’s enough to make you go away But you don’t understand how I’m feeling You don’t understand no no It’s enough to make you sick It’s enough to make

Goin’ Down – Soul Asylum

With a saturated liver And I thought I would forgive her But I do believe she meant it When she told me to forget it And I bet she

All The King’s Friends – Soul Asylum

The people said what we need instead Is to be on our own But people, they do the strangest things You never know what they might do When they

Freaks – Soul Asylum

guts start spillin its piece of a puzzle piece of a trouble is it somethin else? ure sellin yourself Im so wanting without a clue gotta find something better

Tied To The Tracks – Soul Asylum

Stepping back into the stupidness gets me nowhere (Gets me nowhere) Look at you now – You look like an angel in hell Look at you now – Drown