Feelin’ You – Soul Decision

Something deep inside me says Nothing that I’ve ever seen Could ever be compared Still I’ve seen it all before But I have always wanted more than a momentary

Gravity – Soul Decision

Simply irresistible And certainly you’re kissable But next to you I’m way to shy And lose my backbone Leave my feelings unknown Play should’ve could’ve on my own Then

No One Does It Better – Soul Decision

Baby donЎЇt you know what youЎЇll put me through I donЎЇt want anybody else itЎЇs true No one does it better than you DidnЎЇt you know That I wanted

I Don’t Need Anyone – Soul Decision

I know that you love me Ahh I’ll be there when you need me You are the one who stood by my side When all my so called friends

Baby Come Back – Soul Decision

You were the one thing in my life That I treated bad Sometimes enough I made you cry And I know the way I made you feel was wrong

Next Time – Soul Decision

When hearing the truth in you is so hard The lies you held were easily read How can I believe in love at all? Close to me they seem

Ohh It’s Kinda Crazy – Soul Decision

Ooh itЎЇs kinda crazy IЎЇve been thinking maybe gotta get you out of my mind First you say you want me now your memories haunt me Why donЎЇt you

Let’s Do It Right – Soul Decision

Cause there’s something you should know I’ve been waiting, oh so long For this chance to come along My minds made up, my heart is fore sure Trust me

Stay – Soul Decision

I’m not the kind of guy who believes in wishful thinking I don’t like putting that much on the line Ever since you came and took my heart away

Faded – Soul Decision

IЎЇm gonna move in nice and close AinЎЇt nobody gonna interrupt my game Ever since youЎЇve been hanging around IЎЇve been trying to figure out What I can say

Only In My Mind – Soul Decision

But your personality and mind Are not the things I want to try And I cannot control you ‘Cause no matter how I try Our conversations aren’t defined And