Song Baby Come Back – Soul Decision

You were the one thing in my life
That I treated bad
Sometimes enough I made you cry
And I know the way I made you feel was wrong
(I left you sad and lonely)
The things I did, the words I said were much to strong
And I swear if you come back to me
I’ll do things much differently
If you were here today
This is what you’d hear me say
We could have been so good together
Couldn’t we give it just one more try?
I thought that we would last forever
But now you’re gone and I think I know why
I guess I should have said I am sorry
Maybe things wouldn’t be this way heaven knows I love you baby
If you love me, baby come back to me
All the times that I made you cry
I’m sorry don’t you say goodbye
I wish I had this chance to love you more
(Love you I love you)
But now you’re gone I can’t go on
I’m all alone
And I swear if you come back to me

weezer you re my best friend
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