Performer SOULFLY

First Commandment – Soulfly

Murderer – blood on your shoulders Karma – how does it feel? Karma – to take a life Wailin’- wailin’ in vein Wailin’ – you’ll reap what you sow!!

Seek ‘n’ Strike – Soulfly

Here we go…It’s the living sacrifice Here we go…Against your bullshit ways Here we go…Against your false pretend Here we go…Another day, another hour Here we go…Take back the

Terrorist – Soulfly

Spreading terrorism through the music Rebelling against all this bullshit Fire is the heat that burns deep inside Raging and out of control Spreading terrorism through the music Rebelling

Prophecy – Soulfly

I see the desert clouds bleed above me I’m with the prophets on the final destiny We’ll fight the heathens and the ghost enemy This is the prophecy This

Enter Faith – Soulfly

Frustration turning, turning around Stomping the feet, moving the ground All the barriers unbound Unexplained, it can’t be found Now… Motivation comes from beyond Purity like the unborn Riding

Back To The Primitive – Soulfly

Back to the primitive Fuck all your politics We got our life to live The way we want to be Back to the primitive Fuck all your politics “Who

Bleed – Soulfly

You better realize You kill life, you kill life Why??? Why??? I see your eyes, I see your lies I see you hide, inside… What goes around comes around

Frontlines – Soulfly

You don’t give a fuck They don’t give a fuck Get back in the front I don’t give a fuck You don’t give a fuck We don’t give a

Unleash – Soulfly

The lion roar Hell after hell Cambodian death bells Scum after scum They blot out the sun Hill after hills In the killing fields No more fear of failure

In Memory Of… – Soulfly

Yo, life’s web wants me in debt and tries to collect my breath as ransom in return for my soul’s silhouette. How deep does shit get? Is it worth

Doom – Soulfly

There’s no salvation – Doom!!! There’s no redemption – Doom!!! No matter who is who Welcome to planet – Doom!!! The dark side of Doom!! For who the bells

The Song Remains Insane – Soulfly

Brasilian national radio broadcast, Brasilia – Brasil – 1994 The singer of the heavy metal band from Minas Gerais, Sepultura, Max Cavalera will respond for breaking the “Law of

Carved Inside – Soulfly

Scream at the sky – forever fight My peace of mind – I got to find True peace of mind – so hard to find Now… I feel your

Mulambo – Soulfly

Mulambo tu (Mulambo you) Chegou Aqui (Just arrived here) Mulambo eu (Mulambo I) Mulambo tu (Mulambo you) Chegou Ali (Just arrived over there) Mulambo chegou pra detonar essa porra!!!

Brasil – Soulfly

Vamos detonar essa porra – let’s detonate this shit Vamos levantar poeira – kick the dust high Vamos arrasar – let’s kick ass Vamos arregaзar – let’s fuck shit

Fuel The Hate – Soulfly

Fuel this hate And you’ll never be the same again Now I’m feeling again and again Fuel this hate And you’re living on the edge again Just like we

One Nation – Soulfly

A vision of unselfishness, a union of black and white One nation of all races, it’s clear within my sight I see it clear, no hate, no fear, no

Mars – Soulfly

The smell of napalm and fear All this confusion and mass hysteria Welcome all to the new frontier This fucking hate gets bigger and bigger Consume ourselves in nuclear

Fall of the Sycophants – Soulfly

Destroy this fucking Place I’m talking retribution Destroy this fucking Place I’m talking devastation Destroy this fucking Place I’m talking execution Destroy this fucking Place I’m talking confrontation Destroy

Warmageddon – Soulfly

Armageddon coming Sanctuaries burning Revelation screaming Ritual beginning Sacrifices starting Prophecies unfolding Armageddon calling Calling all the warriors Come to war, now… Calling all the warriors Armagediztan… Insurgents