2 Joints – South Park Mexican

(Lighting a joint) (Coughs) That’s got to be

Crazy Lady – South Park Mexican

If you wasn’t crazy Why you trying to fade me Just be a lady No when we first met everything was really going cool I had to catch myself

Burn Us Alive – South Park Mexican

Wizard of oz. at the age of 14 In New Orleans I met my first dope fiend A rock and roll king, but this was no dream Spend so

Mary-Go-Round – South Park Mexican

Yo-yo homeboy, pass me dat Yo, this is the song i wrote for the girl I love. Her name, Mary Jane Saggin my dickies, smoke like a hippy

Hillwood Hustlaz II – South Park Mexican

Hillwood Hustlaz You can’t See us We run Houston Thousands Of tons First Verse: I’ll take my gun and make you run Cuz it really don’t make me none

Throw Away Gats – South Park Mexican

Personly, I feel my people is cursed to be Ridas till eternity My enemies tryna murder Hot as an enfernity But I clocked my doe verbaly Curently I push

We Did Dat – South Park Mexican

We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat We did dat [Verse 1:

Styrofoam Cup – South Park Mexican

I’ma fool I’ma nut I’ma nigga from the cut Split the blunt roll it up And the deuce is what I chunk I’ma prosper Spittin street gospel Baby Beesherini

Anything Goes – South Park Mexican

South Park from the heart jump start The game everybody in my hood selling Crack cocane On my block everything goes (goes) Diamond rings on my pinky toes

I Am Your Future – South Park Mexican

I’m gonna take you back.. to 1980 People thought she was crazy for keepin’ her baby Being only thirteen thinking’ how she would love a son Barely a child

Child Of The Ghetto – South Park Mexican

know how to sleng me an elbow i made a deal with the devil then came up out the cevil kilo, so fuck a hero in my back yard

Streets On Beats – South Park Mexican

That’s the nigga Low-G Puttin’ it down for the nina eight We givin’ prop, what we did this week So don’t trip, if we forgot your click I move

He’s A Bird, He’s A Plane – South Park Mexican

The Dopehouse, got it snowin’ in the summer Drug runner, fuck the “;I’ma gonna wanna”; Fast learner, attack like piranhas My next big hit’s called “;Hubba, Hubba, Hubba”; I

Time Is Money – South Park Mexican

Order in the court! (Judge) The courtroom asks Carlos Coy to step up to the witness stand. Do you swear to tell the truth, nothing but the truth, so

Somethin’ I Would Do – South Park Mexican

(Grimm) Then just freestyle it (SPM) Alright, I can do that First Verse (SPM): Bring it back, drop the top on the ‘Lac Screw put the tap on the

Follow My Lead – South Park Mexican

Well Baby Beesh, that’s my handle, money mackin’ Commando, blowin’ like a candle, on that pearl and Wood panel, modern day Marlon Brando Squares don’t understando Play like a

Meet Your Fate – South Park Mexican

My click picks your pockets, splits tha profits, choose the targets, and take out the garbage, Fill tha cartridge, more lead than Zepplin, tryin not to step in the

Medicine – South Park Mexican

All this time, you’ve been mine, heaven-sent Valentine And just like that, my life stopped on the dime I can’t stop cryin’, inside I’m dyin’ I caught you red-handed,

Night Shift – South Park Mexican

Now spread the word I got them bricks on the dead end streets And watch them jump out boys Cause they rollin ten deep Creep crawlin the night Ya

Rollin’ – South Park Mexican

You got g’s maan please I’m overseas I got the beats to keep you blowin on trees Keep them hoes on they knees I’m as cold as Mr. Freeze