Be Free With Your Love – Spandau Ballet

free with your love be free with your love free with your love two young babes in a foreign land draw no milk from the dusty sand close heir

Through The Barricades – Spandau Ballet

She says it must be youth That keeps us feeeling strong See it in her face, that’s turned to ice And when she smiles she shows The lines of

Cross The Line – Spandau Ballet

Through all the walls in their mind These are the pleasures that terrify So leave them behind You keep the chains that are in your life We’ll take flight

Snakes And Lovers – Spandau Ballet

Well there’s something at our door Now we’re fighting together, As dogs of war When the moon is shining, And you’re wrapped around our sins Then our souls starts

How Many Lies? – Spandau Ballet

Once there were reasons filled with rhymes, Everything shared, everything told You keep me so warm, Protect me from all those mighty storms And dreams seem so old So

A Matter Of Time – Spandau Ballet

for horizons he’ll never reach and all of those dreams are washed on the beach. She’s drowing in oceans of shackled emotions going round and around in her head

Fight For Ourselves – Spandau Ballet

Everybody, we’ve got to fight for ourselves Everybody, we’ve got to fight for ourselves Everybody, we’ve got to fight for ourselves So many people, so many problems There in

Handful Of Dust – Spandau Ballet

I felt that you could look right through me we live in days that have no time we live in times that now refuse me and somewhere out beyond

Man In Chains – Spandau Ballet

Now that I’m tangled up in chains, So you say, ooh, so you say Caught in this human cage, Trapped, and I’m fired up with rage And somebody’s got

Only When You Leave – Spandau Ballet

I only want to learn what you know but now you’re leaving how many hearts must you break? how many calls must I make? but now you’re leaving in

Crashed Into Love – Spandau Ballet

warmed by the light that reflects in your eyes I feel inside an emotional storm and a heart like a sky this moment takes to somewhere unknown and what

Instinction – Spandau Ballet

sleep the words out of your head cold floor, nice and raw eat the meat that’s on the floor high tide, some disguise loving makes the cream taste nice

Windy Town – Spandau Ballet

gotta be peace o’ mind and a piece o’ living when the losers have won and the damage is done only then will you be saved. She dancing on

Lifeline – Spandau Ballet

she rides the soul train and he fight the law there’s a power in his voice and it makes her feel so sure so live and live in love

Virgin – Spandau Ballet

Hold your hand oh so small and frail, But these lies are to no avail In these blues I could give you security, Protect your eyes from what you

Swept – Spandau Ballet

Loose talk could sink this ship Well the way that I am as weak as a lamb, See it on my shaky lip There’s more to these actions, That

Big Feeling – Spandau Ballet

and there’ll be times when I can hardly even say your name but now we’re sticking to the sheets and I can’t sleep tonight and like a dream love

Empty Spaces – Spandau Ballet

when we could touch the air between and out acroos this room we’d just touch hands life would shine with electric dreams. No matter how many miles nothing hurt

With The Pride – Spandau Ballet

that I worked for now they’ve taken the reason away just leave me with the pride that I worked for today build on rock, or build on sand, they’re

Musclebound – Spandau Ballet

the smell of books and hot stone surround us Tough is the leather that strapped to my skin strong are the bonds that we make We feel the steam