Performer SPARKLE

The Ghetto – Sparkle

Can I talk about the ghetto? That’s where I’m from Listen up, whoa Just ridin’ through the neighborhood What I see don’t look too good All my brothers hustlin’

All I Want – Sparkle

Oh, oh Hey, whassup? Yeah, it’s me, whatchu doin’? I’m just here by myself, that’s all You know what you need to do You need to get up and

No Greater [Prelude] – Sparkle

No, no, no, no, no There’s no greater love I’ve seen in my life No no greater, greater Oh, no, no Oh Lord I praise Your name For all

Games – Sparkle

Where you goin’, who you wit, and why you ain’t called yet When the next set a table for two With massage, roses and everything You used to give

When A Woman’s Heart Is Broken – Sparkle

When a woman’s, woman’s heart (Oh, oh) When a woman’s, woman’s heart When a woman’s, woman’s heart (Oh, oh) When a woman’s, woman’s heart When a woman’s You didn’t

Never Can Say Goodbye – Sparkle

Never can say goodbye Never can say goodbye, no I had a few lovers in my life Had to walk away cause things wasn’t right I had no problem

Lovin’ A Man – Sparkle

When you got someone that wants to hold you real tight (That’s tight) Ain’t that right girls? (That’s right) And there ain’t nothing better than When you got someone

Lovin’ You – Sparkle

Makin’ love with you is all I wanna do Lovin’ you is more than just a dream come true And everything that I do Is out of lovin’ you

What About – Sparkle

What is gonna happen to us? Think about the children And all the things you promised me You say you wanna leave Without giving me a reason at

Play On – Sparkle

1 – Play on, play on, play on, play on Play on, play on, and on, and on Boy what you do to me I can’t conceive All I

Turn Away – Sparkle

They say that love is wonderful They say that love is marvelous Then tell me why did you turn away, boy 1 – Turn away from my love Turn

It’s A Fact – Sparkle

All the wrong you’ve done Making like everything is good And I’m the only one Did you think that I wouldn’t see Guess you thought that I wouldn’t know

Lean On Me – Sparkle

Although we’ve been through our ups and downs If we believe and have faith We can conquer anything Baby I know we could work this out 1 – Lean

Don’t Know Why – Sparkle

Tell me what’s up Do you wanna know why This woman’s fed up People running their mouth But they don’t know I might as well changed my name to

Good Life – Sparkle

Uh, Sparkle, Cam’Ron Yo, yo, yo, yo Yo, Cam I, and I’ll kill ya Flash and I ain’t familiar Well Sparkle, why the hell you puttin’ diamonds in

Time To Move On – Sparkle

(Oooh, yeah) Said I’m tired of hangin’ on (Tired of hangin’ on, yeah) It’s time to move on (Ooh, boy) Said I’m tried of hangin’ on (Hanging on boy)

Everything – Sparkle

Oh…ooh…oh… Everything Oh…ooh…oh… Let me stop and take some time to talk about How you came into my life and turned it Ў®round When I met you, you knew

Good Life (in Album Told You So) – Sparkle

Yo Spark, put up the Bentley I’m rollin’ witchu No way, uh, no way, uh huh Gimmie that good life Oh, oh, talk about All of my clothes are

I’m Gone – Sparkle

Everything you said to me I took to heart Boy that you never knew Someday we’d part Wanna be a playa see Wanna mess around on me Every night

Straight Up – Sparkle

I’m loving him I’m telling you straight up I think about him Sitting here wondering how How I’m gonna let you down This love affair has lost it’s touch