Wasting My Time – Spice Girls

that you felt that you had to do in you what she had done to you now you prove everything that my friend had to read about you was

Right Back Atcha – Spice Girls

We’re coming right back atcha, come on This party begun Jump to it It’s a brand new day And I’m feeling things are going our way Cos the girls

Saturday Night Divas – Spice Girls

Get down get deeper and down Get down get deeper and down Saturday night Get down deeper and down Get down get deeper and down Saturday night Get down

Something Kinda Funny – Spice Girls

We’ve got something kinda funny goin’ on. Wherever you’re going, high or low , Remember to sure enjoy the show, So climb aboard my journey deep inside, Better late

Do It – Spice Girls

Come on, come on, come on Come on and do it (x2) Hey Do it, do it, do it It’s just another keep your eye fixed on the road

Wannabe – Spice Girls

So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what

Naked – Spice Girls

past encounters have made her strong, strong enough to carry on and on, Undress you with her eyes, uncover the truth from the lies, Strip you down don’t need

Let Love Lead The Way – Spice Girls

Will the answer let her down She is so sweet and young And her life has just begun What does her future hold that’s the story left unknown Will

Love Thing – Spice Girls

Give me what I’m needing, you know what I’m dreaming of, Don’t wanna know about love thing Been broken hearted before, but that’s the last time it happens to

Oxygen – Spice Girls

I know I’m gonna need Someone I can trust, someone who’ll fight for me That’s the way I love This is my time to work things out What I

Last Time Lover – Spice Girls

Makes me feel good, like you should Listen up I gotta tell you, About the ins and outs and goings on, I wouldn’t tell just anybody about the fox

Viva Forever – Spice Girls

Feeling together, believe in whatever My love has said to me Both of us were dreamers, Young love in the sun Felt like my saviour, My spirit I gave

Holler – Spice Girls

I wanna make you holler (Come on, uh, yeah yeah, wanna see you holler) Imagine us together (Wanna see you holler, darkchild, darkchild, come on) Don’t be afraid to

Goodbye (in Album Forever) – Spice Girls

No no no no Listen little child There will come a day When you will be able, able to say Never mind the pain, all the aggravation You know

Move Over – Spice Girls

(Ah generation next) Generation next, generation next (Generation) Generation next, generation next (Generation yeah) Generation next, generation Let me tell you ’bout a thing, gotta put it to the

The Lady Is A Vamp – Spice Girls

Marley, Ziggy Melody Maker She’s a bonds babe, kick some ass Doctor No this girl’s got class Charlie’s Angels, Girls on top Handbags, heels their pistols rock Baby Love

Say You’ll Be There – Spice Girls

Say you’ll be there I’m giving you everything all that joy can bring this I swear Last time that we had this conversation I decided we should be friends

Weekend Love – Spice Girls

You thought that this was love But my plan wasn’t that for us I thought that you would understand I didn’t want you for my full time man I

Tell Me Why – Spice Girls

Ooooh We could have had it all But you turned your back We started with dreams, we started a team But you weren’t as true as you always seem

Time Goes By – Spice Girls

Like I have with you Can’t explain the things you do But boy when you tell me softly you love me too It’s like I know we were meant