You’ve Got To Believe In Something – Spin Doctors

It’s a lonely universe Be careful what you wish for Cause you improvement might be worse Birth is a missing persons file It’s a case of role reversal Life

Cleopatra’s Cat – Spin Doctors

Got his hands on Caesar’s spats The heat was on as you could see So he front ’em to Mark Antony. Said, “;My girlfriend’s cat is smarter than me.”;

Shinbone Alley – Spin Doctors

Lukewarm water gasping down a rusty drain Big town’s in need of mending, street lights make tooth some seams Denim shadows shuffle in between the beams. Different strokes for

Rosetta Stone – Spin Doctors

The tiniest grain of sand. Like the first digit of our fingers Points back to the whole hand. Follow the spear flight Hurled with any lateral Throw it on

Laraby’s Gang – Spin Doctors

When you sit outside for a short reprieve Talk to folks as they come and leave Jono, Jay, and Crazy Steve. Night is down but it’s bright as day

She Used To Be Mine – Spin Doctors

Just like the moon, she’s out of reach Losing my mind, already lost my girl Blew the top right off my pretty world Oh, she used to be mine

Yo Mama’s A Pajama – Spin Doctors

Yo mama’s a pajama and she ain’t no good Yo mama’s a pajama and she ain’t got no friends Yo mama’s a pajama and she ain’t no good Yo

You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast – Spin Doctors

I’m inclined to wonder why you feel so strong. You can’t have really seen the hour If you think she’s trying to do you wrong. I see you got

Stepped On A Crack – Spin Doctors

What could I do? I’ve been talkin to the preacher, And he sent me to you. There’s a penny on the sidewalk, But you stepped on a crack Mama’s

Yo Baby – Spin Doctors

But your baby been lookin’ in the pink I said your drain been clogged for quite a while But there’s something new in your baby’s smile I said piss

If Wishes Were Horses – Spin Doctors

The cheese is full of mold Oh, come into the fold with me Global domination While it sparks my imagination It kills the vegetation Ant it’s not my cup

Someday All This Will Be Road – Spin Doctors

Smoke turns to indigo in the ending business day The taxicabs’ assault on the potholed asphalt They parry and lunge ‘neath the thin winter sun who’s Painting the bedroom

What Time Is It? – Spin Doctors

Four thirty It’s not late, naw, naw, Just early, early, early President, he sweat through his talcum News paper man, he watch like a falcon “;Ah, look…daddy-o…sorry, Mr. President…where

Bags Of Dirt – Spin Doctors

And the more it rains, the less I know. Why do these foreign skies change the way home? Why do these hotel walls hang their strangeness on my own?

Two Princes – Spin Doctors

(that’s what I said, now) Princes, Princes who adore you (Just go ahead, now) One has diamonds in his pockets (that sounds great, now) This one, said he wants

Sister Sisyphus – Spin Doctors

You got calamities to live through Just when the nickels come a jingling down You’ve got to use them all to get out of town That’s the queen you

I Can’t Believe You’re Still With Her – Spin Doctors

In a turbulent nation Guess it’s part my fault For not hauling you down To the train station There’s no ring on your finger Fly away don’t you linger

Freeway Of The Plains – Spin Doctors

But you’re willing to haggle I fold my arms and wait for you, But you treat me like the rabble. ‘Cause I thought it was love, baby, When I

Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong – Spin Doctors

Been a whole lot happier without her face around Nobody upstairs gonna stomp and shout, Nobody at the back door gonna throw my laundry out She hold the shotgun

Hungry Hameds – Spin Doctors

Fifteen-year-old gangsters have a honey-dipped or two In Arabic, some patrons shoot the breeze Jeez, Louise Hungry Hamed’s, baby, count your change Said the food’s a little funky and