Song Spin – Splender

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But it was an off white
Upside down memory

I’m caught in a landslide
I’m caught in a joyride
As my blood
Begins to thin

You say it’s a fact
You say it’s a feeling
To stab in my back

So long, sorry
It makes me cry (it makes me sad)

So wrong, so rare
But I don’t feel
And you’re not there
And I don’t want you back

Well you had a hard day
Of pushing me away
Please don’t push
I fall easily

Well you put a hard strain
Hard on the membrane
I react to words you say

It’s not like I care
It’s not like I’m bleeding
Or numb everywhere

But I don’t
Cause I stopped spinning around for you

There was a bright light
But it was an off white
All the world came
Crashing down

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

deepers hurt by shola ama
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