New Blue Mercedes – Stan Ridgway

Blessed with no ambition, she was tired of selling sex on the telephone The father of her unborn child worked at night, with two guys in a Chrysler van

Pink Parakeet – Stan Ridgway

So I’ve kept this cage closed tightly when I feed her Your room is locked up solid and the key’s here ’round my neck Your soul and property I

Camouflage – Stan Ridgway

It was in the jungle wars of ’65 My weapon jammed and I got stuck way out and all alone And I could hear the enemy movin’ in close

Pick It Up (and Put It In Your Pocket) – Stan Ridgway

And a missing man begins to cough And no one knows the lost ones from the found And lady luck, well, she can’t explain To a hardened coin or

Crystal Palace – Stan Ridgway

Why does everyone I know keep makin’ lots a’ dough I guess I’ll find out soon when I get to that crystal palace in the sky I’ve heard stories

Back In Flesh – Stan Ridgway

It’s got me on the edge You know it’s so sharp (Aaaaaaaa…) And you know I won’t go You know I won’t go I don’t wanna go (He won’t

Tomorrow – Stan Ridgway

Think about the night before and everything I said I’ve made lots of promises I know that I can’t keep So I’ll do ’em tomorrow That seems like a

Highway Song – Stan Ridgway

Sing it with me peopleЁCЁCit won’t be long Underneath the stars, the devil you say What you can’t sing now, you better throw away Chorus: I sing a-la-la-la-la-lalalala And

Drive, She Said – Stan Ridgway

I could smell her perfume It was somethin’ I’d smelled before Went through a red light While I spilled my drink I could feel somethin’ sticky on the floor

Man Of Stone – Stan Ridgway

I crawled out of this wilderness, a debt I had to pay I must have tipped the scales somewhere way back Never saw the seeds I’d sewn So now

Can’t Make Love – Stan Ridgway

To the girls in this city ‘Cause the girls Say I abuse them And I won’t go out With girls because Girls will fall in love with you Everybody’s

The Last Honest Man – Stan Ridgway

Then a man began to yell About savin’ souls to heaven And for the sinner, there was hell But later on that night In a hotel room down the

Susie Before Sunrise – Stan Ridgway

On an ocean of blame We pick pockets in the crowds Near the gold mines of shame And I will wear a red ruby ring That reflects the full

Train Of Thought – Stan Ridgway

This road keeps winding on Can’t stop these hands of time Or right a world gone wrong Chorus: And I guess somewhere way out along the way There was

Jack Talked – Stan Ridgway

repeat these three lines three times Jack talked Jack talked like Jack talked like a man on fire (Man on fire!) Jack talked like a man on fire and

Mexican Radio – Stan Ridgway

And the touch of a world that is older I turn the switch and check the number I leave it on when in bed I slumber I hear the

Full Of Tension – Stan Ridgway

Full of tension There’s something breathing down my neck Full of tension Now if you wanna take it to the hilt You can take it ’til you tilt Something

Hear That Bird – Stan Ridgway

I wonder what he’s seein’ I don’t see Now everybody’s happy, but today I feel so wrong So I guess I’ll just shut up and move along Chasin’ dreams

Gone The Distance – Stan Ridgway

Noddin’ off you fall asleep No one understands their pain Look outside it’s about to rain Fallin’ out of a blue sky Walk the dog and swat the fly

The Passenger – Stan Ridgway

On the wall, just a passenger and that is all Taking off on a midnight flight The airline ticket in his hand held tight Polar route, destination: oblivion “;Can