Poor Misguided Fool – Starsailor

Give me a call When you’re so sensitive Its a long way to fall Whenever you need a home I will be there Whenever you’re all alone And nobody

Love Is Here – Starsailor

And we’re good showing our hands together, If you could see how good it could be, We’ll sing these stupid songs forever, Can you feel it? Love is here,

Tie Up My Hands – Starsailor

Tie your hair and gently fall from grace Until I come again Take the disaffected life Men who ran the company, ran your life You could have been his

Fever – Starsailor

On the freeway, In the morning, in the morning, And the lover, Smiling for me, Without warning, without warning, There’s an outlaw, On the highway, And she’s falling, and

Good Souls – Starsailor

‘Cause I know a life from your burning weed, Sleep, I sleep every day, Wipe the cobwebs away, I need to be loved, Christ I’m out of my mind,

Lullaby – Starsailor

So insincere Quiet American I held you so dear Get back on your feet again So into you We met in a cinema You fell from my view Lullaby

Coming Down – Starsailor

See your clothes woman in the night, I’m sober, still alive, Waste your days on your own, Getting drunk, getting stoned, I’m soba, still alone, Must I always take

Talk Her Down – Starsailor

Where the love had been And the boys all looked around Let me stay while you talk your baby down I came waltzing in Where the light had been

Alcoholic – Starsailor

Your Daddy was an alcoholic, But you mother kept it all inside, And she threw it all away, I was looking for another you, I found another one, I

Way To Fall – Starsailor

They’ll tell you where to go But they won’t know Son, you’d better take it all They’ll tell you what they know But they won’t show Oh, I’ve got