Performer STATUS QUO

Win Or Lose – Status Quo

Win or lose, lose or win I ain’t ever doing that again Keeping out and never creeping in No I ain’t ever doing that again I know I’ve done

Nothing Comes Easy – Status Quo

Fussing and fighting alone with our friends Holding our breath and hoping it never will end It’s been a long, long haul We would be ducking and diving, a

Softer Ride – Status Quo

I ain’t gonna work I ain’t gonna work no more Stay in bed Til’ I’m satisfied And let my head Take a softer ride I ain’t gonna work I

Ain’t Complaining – Status Quo

There’s nothing left, there’s nothing right There’s nothing left, there’s nothing right There’s nothing left, right left right Up down up down up down up down All right all

Burning Bridges – Status Quo

Building dreams has always been my way Making time and living for the day Burning bridges never made me cry I could walk away with no goodbye Easy take

Shady Lady – Status Quo

Run your fingers thru my hair sweet darling Run your fingers thru my hair I want you when you never there sweet darling Need you but I could not

In Your Eyes – Status Quo

Doesn’t she look so well With her long black hair and a look says she can tell Doesn’t she know so well She can cast a spell with that

Confidence – Status Quo

All she needs is a little confidence All she knows is to run and hide Through a lifetime of knocking back Oh don’t do this you can’t do that

Like A Zombie – Status Quo

Couldn’t see my funny side As far as I recall And it didn’t mean much to me Carried on messing round And getting lower every day And then a

Break The Rules – Status Quo

Spent a long, long evening in a low down honky-tonk bar Pulled a low down lady with a long black honky-tonk car I asked no questions, I got no

Rock ‘Til You Drop – Status Quo

Don’t hang up your shoes Just kick out the blues And rock ’til you drop tonight All we do Depends upon you So rock ’til you drop tonight We

Hard Time – Status Quo

Asked my girl what she wanted from me She said ev’rything that I can see I said baby what d’you thing of me And she said nothing at all

Hold You Back – Status Quo

How d’you know the music When you don’t know the score Do you think that you can make it When you don’t need no more Is it really the

Big Fat Mama – Status Quo

Say you need me, say you need me Tell me that you want my love Say you will be mine and I am yours You think that you’re way

All We Really Wanna Do (Polly) – Status Quo

I thought it over in a quiet room What about it, what about the dream Of the future, looking much better Wonder what is on the other side When

Going Down Town Tonight – Status Quo

I’m going down town tonight, I’m gonna find myself a dream I’m gonna dress up right, and be the best they’ve ever seen You can tell from their eyes,

Cream Of The Crop – Status Quo

I gotta get myself far, far away I gotta tell myself that anyway I can’t forget the way that you used to be Now all in all it seems

Rollin’ Home – Status Quo

I left my home one day For the sake of better pay In a forreign land 12 centuries back in time Where the sun keeps burning down On the

And It’s Better Now – Status Quo

Riding along on the words of a song in my head Thinking all day of the thoughts in my mind never said I have needed a friend, over and

Wild Side Of Life – Status Quo

Well, you wouldn’t read my letters if I wrote you You ask me not to call you on the phone Well, there’s something I’ve been waiting for to tell