Performer STEPS

Wouldn’t Hurt So Bad – Steps

I’ve never met somebody That does what you do Takes my emotions and makes each one Feel brand new Trouble is there is someone Been here in my heart

You’ll Be Sorry – Steps

I never thought that I would be this far from all I know, I gave you all the love in me, But love is blind and now I see,

If You Believe – Steps

don’t know how to cross yet i need your hand to hold along the way in your eyes i see that you have faith in me i don’t wanna

Say You’ll Be Mine – Steps

When I looked into your eyes Saw the love I’d been waitin’ for Couldn’t help but fantasize ’bout a world where you and I Stay together for evermore Don’t

Love’s Got A Hold On My Heart – Steps

There’s no doubt, baby you took me prisoner, I confess When you crossed my defences And captured my heart And now its too late to put up a fight

Happy Go Lucky – Steps

Of this I was so sure, I guess I never saw it coming baby, But now I’m over the surprise, I’m wearing this disguise, So everyone can think I’m

One For Sorrow – Steps

But look what it’s done to me, All my dreams have come to nothing, Who would have believed? All the laughter that we shared would be a memory, I

Deeper Shade Of Blue – Steps

I didn’t know I would catch it all The clear skies have gone And you with them too It’s not the same now without you I used to say

Paradise Lost – Steps

I watch a caravan Dream it could take me to you As the east wind blows I shiver to my bones And all I can think of is you

To Be Your Hero – Steps

I’d do anything to be your hero. Maybe I’m never gonna change the world, Or split the atom in two, I know one man can’t save the universe, But

You’re Everything That Matters To Me – Steps

To Find love I’d climb any mountain, Now I’ve reached the top, The only way is down again. You’re not everything to me that matters, My whole world when

Never Say Never Again – Steps

It’s time you realised, I’ve had my share of life’s heartaches and misery, Too many times before, Oh how I’ve been so sure it’s meant to be, And each

When I Said Goodbye – Steps

It’s only now, now we’re apart That I can see I was wrong And you’re where I belong So please don’t make me cry I know you don’t believe

Make It Easy On Me – Steps

If all the hope is gone If it’s all over Don’t keep me hanging on I can’t stay And dream my life away In some kind of wonderland Better

I Surrender – Steps

I wanted time to be me I tried to fly so high But something changed inside of my heart And now there’s the sweetest pain Oh I can’t explain

It’s The Way You Make Me Feel – Steps

So physical, It’s the things that you say, So flammable, You know I can’t resist, Boy it’s such a shame, Do you belong to another, I don’t wanna hurt

Learn To Love Again – Steps

Of you and no one else, I thought you were truly the one who knew me, Better than know myself, And since you went away I face the pain

After The Love Has Gone – Steps

And we may not have tomorrow but there’s always yesterday after the love has gone only fools carry on we’ve been hurting for so long and we both know

Better The Devil You Know – Steps

Better the devil you know Oh Better the devil you know Better the devil you know Oh, oh Say you won’t leave me no more I’ll take you back

Here And Now – Steps

couldn’t live if we’re apart. Time, is running out on you and me. cuz nothing’s what it used to be. i guess i’m the only one