Last Of The Big Time Drinkers – Stereophonics

need to eat or sleep awink at the weekend just rot my guts and I can’t wait for my next drink the first is gonna sink I’m the last

She Takes Her Clothes Off – Stereophonics

she lives in flat number twenty three picked first prize for carnival queen and now she takes her clothes off collects the covers off her magazines she longs to

Is Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today? – Stereophonics

picking up ripped cigarette boxes hoping that one remains yellow lucky day suck deep and bathe for the next ten minutes spent coughing all the pleasures craved write down

Have A Nice Day – Stereophonics

Past pier thirty nine Early p. m. Can’t remember what time Got the waiting cab Stopped at the red light Address, unsure of But it turned out just right

A Thousand Trees – Stereophonics

in my hands when I’m overhearing elder ladies as the rumours start to fly you can hear them in the school yard scrap yard chip shop phone box in

Step On My Old Size Nines – Stereophonics

What’s out there? Am I gonna get old and laugh? About something Will I get me a boy or a girl? Or not either? Will I get what I

Nice To Be Out – Stereophonics

Let me think now let me see I was stood once where Hitler’s feet stood When he made a speech in Nuremburg in ’38 When he tried to build

Maybe – Stereophonics

Maybe something Maybe nothing All I know is friend It’s nothing new Maybe it’s me What is to be? Maybe lucky All I ask is where We’re s’posed to

Lying In The Sun – Stereophonics

The same things as anyone Wish I could lie down there With my feet, high in the air I’d have a drink in my hand Read words from a

Mr. Writer – Stereophonics

Look at your shoes You hang names on your wall Then you shoot them all You fly around in planes That bring you down To meet me who loves

Hurry Up And Wait – Stereophonics

buy a ticket they can check we can claim so we don’t spend what’s our own for a seat a place to stop a green light a red cross

Rooftop – Stereophonics

Trying to clear my mind I only came up to look But now there’s such a crowd I don’t feel that bad Can’t help but laugh And they cry

Traffic – Stereophonics

the worst and the best she paints her lip greasy and thick another mirror stare and she’s going where? another office affair? to kill an unborn scare? talk dirty

More Life In A Tramps Vest – Stereophonics

the fuss they make, you’d swear they were buying a car. They always moan, moan it’s not so cheap, cheaper still, cheaper still down the street, lose my rag

Caravan Holiday – Stereophonics

At the time we were plain old me and you It didn’t matter that the sky came down I never really felt like going out Seven days watching rain

Same Size Feet – Stereophonics

against dog just head over heals sex twice a date best time in years oh no why hasn’t he phoned she has to wait until he’s on his own