My Baby Worships Me – Steve Earle

Got her walkin’ down th’assembly line She bring the paycheck home to me My baby, she worships me She like the way I walk She like the way I

Esmeralda’s Hollywood – Steve Earle

The stars don’t come out like they should Up above the world so high tonight They can’t outshine the neon lights Now the golden days are gone for good

Good Ol’ Boy (Gettin’ Tough) – Steve Earle

A twenty thousand dollar pickup truck Belongs to me and the bank and some funny talkin’ man from Iran I left the service and got a G. I. loan

I Don’t Want To Lose You Yet – Steve Earle

Broken hearted people everywhere Takin’ whatever love they get I don’t wanna wind up like that, so chorus Baby throw your arms around my neck Lay your pretty head

Have Mercy – Steve Earle

A hundred dollar bill in his hand Said I could feed a lot of these people with this But that ain’t the business at hand Ain’t but one reason

The Other Kind – Steve Earle

These days I’ve been lookin’ in the mirror and wondering if that’s me lookin’ back or not I’m still the apple of my mama’s eye I’m my daddy’s worst

The Other Side Of Town – Steve Earle

And I’m feeling all alone There’s a place that I go to That no one knows Where no matter what I do Won’t nobody put me down That’s why

Another Town – Steve Earle

And I’m sick and tired of hangin’ around I’ll be on my way in a cloud of dust On the road to another town Once upon a time I

Back To The Wall – Steve Earle

Like I’m empty inside I know I’m doin’ good now but tonight I’m headed downtown Down by the riverside I sit underneath the freeway with an old friend from

Mystery Train Part II – Steve Earle

Hear them tracks a hummin’ There’s a train a comin’ Can’t you hear her blowin’ Can’t you hear her blowin’ Wonder where she’s goin’ Can’t you hear her blowin’

Everyone’s In Love With You – Steve Earle

Everyone’s in love with you But you don’t seem to mind But it must be tough when you’re cleanin’ up Them broken hearts sometimes Or maybe you just struggle

Lonelier Than This – Steve Earle

I believe my heart’ll break Tonight I prayed I’d die before I wake With every breath I’m tastin’ your kiss And it’s sweet upon my tongue Until the bitter

Carrie Brown – Steve Earle

She was so young and fair A voice like spring rain fallin’ down and sunlight in her hair I’d never seen her face before so I asked all around

Angry Young Man – Steve Earle

So much time spent in so little space What looked like the world through the eyes of a child Kind of closes in on you after awhile It’s a

Billy And Bonnie – Steve Earle

Bonnie said she was 30, it was hard to tell Billy met Bonnie on a Saturday night At the dirt track races, it was love at first sight Bonnie

Hopeless Romantics – Steve Earle

Most of the time Now and again if you’re lookin’ I’m sure You will find Someone who’s helplessly hoping That someday They’ll finally find the one Hopeless romantics keep

Dixieland – Steve Earle

And the Brits would hang me for a Fenian so I took me leave of there And I crossed the ocean in the “;Arrianne”; the vilest tub afloat And

Yours Forever Blue – Steve Earle

I don’t run around with every gal in town The way I used to do I’m startin’ over new Yours forever blue I wrote you a letter and every

All Of My Life – Steve Earle

If it wasn’t enough I hear all these voices Always tellin’ me that I’m bad But it’s all in my head – like all those scary noises chorus I’ve

Little Rock ‘N’ Roller – Steve Earle

I guess I didn’t know you could do that, God help me, have I been gone that long I’m in a truck stop somewhere on the Arkansas line They